did this alleged leakage of darrel walls clappin’ cheeks already confirm his sexuality?

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so one of the vix-bi in the comments mentioned darrel walls had a sex tape.
i had to rack my brain to see if i missed fonting about it.
it was one that clearly spilled under my radar.
this is the alleged sex tape from last summer…

x see it here

if that is him,
he has a pretty good stroke.
folks watch so much porn and onlyfans that they forgot what real sex looks like.
that regular is not some big grand production or making sure you’re stroking in the right angles. that looks like some “he been smashin’ me on the low for a minute” type of reg.
if that’s darrel,
he been familiar wit them cheeks.

but ummmmmmmm…
question mark.
question mark.

why is ^this dude on the right looking at darrel like he ain’t shit?

How did they even know it’s him?

i feel like church kids rebel in the worst ways.
they always have good drugs and the best hoe stories.
so if that was darrel pounding those cheeks into a coma in that video…

Why is anyone even surprised he is gay?

i mean,
it looks like this might have been allegedly confirmed
question mark.

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48 thoughts on “did this alleged leakage of darrel walls clappin’ cheeks already confirm his sexuality?”

  1. No surprise! Church fags be the freakiest, nastiest hoes! All that proselyting and grandstanding sure lightens a man’s loafers.

    Knowing the bible thumpers and how they roll they’ll say he was “set up by the devil” and it’s a spiritual attack.

    BTW I know someone else gets lesbian vibes from the sisters and gay vibes from the other brother.

  2. My thing why are people so concerned about someone else’s life and sexual expo. Mind your own business and keep the f—k out of others.

  3. No surprises here. Kinda reaping thing going on here. You can’t just piss these lilniggahs off tho…but drama is this dudes middle name. Oh and that ain’t him in the vid.

  4. I hate that this is happening. Now one should be outed and whoever did this needs to get their ass beat until the next pandemic. What’s so sad is the black church is something brutal and to some degree evil because of stuff like this. They can except a junkie & a murderer but not a homosexual. Backwards MFers. With that said, why was Darrel so cavalier to have his stuff recorded? The kiss and this sex video (if that’s really him) why do that if you don’t want others to see you in that light? You KNOW someone or something can happen and before you know it, your stuff comes out. He plays a part in all of this so i don’t feel completely bad for him. I just hope that from this, God can use him to make what could be a potential lemon into sweet lemonade that helps ministers to people, especially those who are gay but still go to church. They need ministry too. Let’s see how the story plays out.

    1. He’s prolly tired. Not easy living a double life all your life yet most of us have and still do in some cases. If you’re not easily “clockable” its worse. Add to that him being wrapped up in the toxic ass black church. I don’t feel as bad for him because I think he’s just tired and lightweight didn’t mind events to play out as they have.

  5. Okay, I first heard about the kiss yesterday from the Old Black Church blog (been following for years). We may think there is malice involved, but these tapes could have been released on purpose. Darrell and his siblings put out some dope urban contemporary gospel music over the years. He, sadly, has repressed himself and it is resulting in a public outing. The black church will never be healthy post-pandemic if we continue the “don’t ask, don’t tell mentality” with same gender loving individuals. For far too long we have exploited the talents of these individuals while condemning them publicly. I believe it is time for Darrell to be honest and live in his truth. Plus, an IG Live wouldn’t hurt as well.

  6. I could have sworn “outing” someone is akin to an act violence against that person. Yet, I been seeing so much about Darrel’s past (and present…) and not enough outrage directed at folk that leaked the video outside his circle.

    Like can we cancel the folk that are literally making a profit off of outing this guy? Like folk posting to their Patroens or Onlyfans (which i think is disturbing): King Jives, Lary Reid. And seriously, King Jives. It was legit a joy for him to put it out there, I’d bet he knows (cough… cough…$$) exactly who the “snake” is.

    1. The group was on Terrell Grice Youtube channel last year playing a game called Song Association and he mentioned that he has dealt with suicidal thoughts in the past.He mentioned it after his younger brother talked about his depression and suicidal thoughts.

      I just went to his page and there are several supportive comments from gospel artists like Israel Houghton,Erica Campbell,Vashawn Mitchell,Kierra Sheard,etc.I also saw a comment from Donald Lawrence on his brother’s page yesterday.That’s encouraging to see.

      I remember watching an interview with Tonex( know known as B Slade) a few years ago and he said almost no gospel artist publicly supported him or defended him.Although a few told him privately that he had their support, they didn’t wanted to be associated with or linked to a gay gospel artist.So it’s refreshing to see how things have changed in that regard.

      I read that Kim Burrell is like a mentor to The Walls Group so I will be curious to see if she says anything about this.

    2. Definitely. You can see it all in his eyes, Only “We” can relate to that venerable “Ache in the pit of your stomach” “naked infront of the world” feeling that this brother is feeling….it ain’t no easy life we live, but I think In the long run it’s why “we” are some of the most creative, insightful folks around…all that pain we draw from

    3. I see the fuss now. Lots of talent, thought I was gonna click off but couldn’t, very captivating.

  7. its crazy i’m hearing about darrel now.
    i didn’t even know about any of these scandals.

    i will say i did see the main pic i used at the top somewhere,
    before knowing about him now,
    and thinking he was sexy.
    i was legit gonna post it on the foxhole asking “who dis?”.

  8. Come to me Darrel I’ll keep your secrets. I’ll be the pages of your diary Alicia Keys Voice lmao!!! Idk why people are surprised though. Most of the men of the cloth be gay as hell. They need to stop demonizing lgbt in the church though. They tolerate lgbt church members when they need something done a church or need someone on the drums or to preach but you draw the line when you see them kissing their lover etc. it’s also foul for whoever leaked out that video he posted on his close friends. People are just so miserable and I can’t stand it

  9. I wouldn’t want my sextape posted, alleged or not. It’s embarrassing because friends and family, co-workers, employers could see it. I don’t talk to guys who say they record encounters. It’s weird. Even if faces are blurred, there’s an original without blurring and I trust nobody.

  10. Church kids are the first ones to rebel sexually. Look at Neicy from the Clark Sisters. Maddie Moss didn’t play that and Denise has how many kids? Regardless if they are church kids or not, they are still human and make choices that people don’t agree with. People just look at church kids because of who their parents are or how they were raised. His sex tape is no different than anyone else sex tape. He has needs and he has a certain type. As long as he confess that Jesus died on the cross for his sins, he is fine. Stop judging him. He is human as well. He not doing anything that we have not done or are doing. People looking down on him because he Christian having sex with men when majority of people in church are gay; Choir Directors, Deacons, Preachers and even Ushers. I’m pretty sure some of them are foxhole members right now. Y’all kill me.

  11. –An adult allowed himself to be filmed kissing another man . This here shows he isn’t concerned about being outed( CAN SOMEONE SPELL C.L.O.U.T) gthfoh

    NEXT Entry!!!!!!

  12. Idk if it’s him or not – it’s easy enough to find out, since the camera pans his face at the end – just gotta freeze frame if you really wanna know.

    Whoever recorded and released that IG video is trash tho. It was close friends, so those people are ones that already knew – seems like it was an open secret. Those kisses look like they’ve been together for a minute (if it’s who I think it is, they’ve been close friends for a while – think they even dated the same girl lol). And the people cancelling him, but still rocking with some adulterous leaders and others are trash too. Sin is sin – cancel one, cancel all.

    They’re young folks – I think the siblings are all in their 20s, and they’ve been singing gospel since their teens. Maybe they wanna get out – or who knows? I think they should close ranks and reexamine their circles. And get PR decide what they wanna do/say/next steps.

  13. Lol that’s his brother looking at him in that gif, but yeah I been hearing about him all damn weekend, the sex video is old people have been talking about that for awhile (could never see it till now actually) but the latest scandal is he was supposedly sending a vid to close friends on IG but a “snake friend” made it public, and in the vid it’s him & his boo talking and at the end they kiss, like clearly boyfriends type of kiss, so I mean it’s pretty much undeniable at this point and it’s only unfortunate cause he’s a gospel singer & his father tried so hard to proclaim him straight when rumors first hit

    1. LeAndria been cussin church folks out for years! Lol…. IMO that makes a gospel artist relatable. Tired of the holier than thou facade.

  14. That tape has been out since last year I’m surprised I’m one of the few that knew about it, maybe because I come from the church world and have my ears to the streets

  15. Didn’t know these ppl but he’s a handsome dude and prolly just tired of suffocating his truth. From checking the brother’s social he looks next in line.

      1. It’s him!! Damnnn are you Darrel ??? Is he fucking you??? You church gays are really delusional. What are gaining commenting on every post defending him???
        The boy is GAYY Damon!!!!!

        1. just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he has a sex tape, genius! That could literally be anyone. Faces blurry no visible tattoos. I see you don’t wanna be the only one with porn online huh…

      2. Just because you add the word “alleged” doesn’t mean there’s no implication that it’s him… if not there’d be no post. Cmon now. You stated alleged because you don’t want a lawsuit either…

  16. Leaked.

    That word is the wrong word. It reduces the act of willfully taping ones self having SEX to one that was secretly taped having sex. The latter is not true.

    Everybody and their Ma , except a FEW, record every damn thing they do on their devices.
    Hey to each his own but I know one thing, they wont catch my video of me fucking around with a dick in my mouth.
    No Sir. I’m from the old school when SEX was between 2 or more people, discreetly. Between adults. I never kissed and tell and I choose people to fuck who don’t want to advertise themselves fucking for someone else’s’ pleasure.

    There’s a word for that. Its called PORN and Thank Goodness the millennial’s can now do ti as a lucrative profession.

    Once it is recorded the digital footprint is made and trust me they always end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    No, its NOT Leaked. It just plain and simple Your SINS have come home to haunt you.

  17. His brother and sister are lashing out and cursing fans and others out on the brother’s page.The brother Alic Walls also basically said they will stop making gospel music.I also learned the sister had a nude pic leaked from I think her snapchat.I’m wondering if they are trying to self sabotage their career.Maybe their parents pushed them into the industry and they want to break free or something.IDK

    1. I saw them in an interview a while back. He said himself that he initially wanted to sing R&B…. It’s definitely the parents that pushed them toward gospel

    2. I saw the sister pics. She swear she had just worked out and was trying to look at her body and show it off. It looks like she was really recording it for somebody else. She said she was on Instagram and was rushing to make her flight and uploaded her pics by mistake.

      1. Oh OK Thanks for info.

        I’m not that familar with this group so I was shocked by all the curse words, especially the word Fck on the brother’s page.I have never seen that language on the page of a gospel artist.I know some of these artist are ratchet in real life. And I know about PKs(Preachers Kids) but usually they don’t call people shtbags and motherf*ckers online 😂.

  18. I’m amused and slightly annoyed by this. I follow him on IG and everytime I see him I always whisper to myself “yeah that’s my type” lol. Love the Walls Group music as well. I’m annoyed that he was so sloppy, I’m annoyed with the person that outed him, and I’m annoyed with the way people pounce on stories like this when it concerns gospel artists. As someone who grew up in a very religious family, I can tell you from first hand experience that it’s not always easy to break away from the dogma and live your truth. Especially when that’s all you know, and even when it’s not in alignment with who you authentically are. Being in the spotlight makes that transition even harder. Some never make it, others do and get cast out (Tonex). I think he needs to fade away for a while and figure out what he really wants and I hope that he’s at peace with whatever decision he makes.

    1. ^ i come from a religious family and been in those circles.
      trust me,
      i know that all to well.
      i think the rebelling is to cut the cord and be free.

      the lives of church kids is always interesting.

    2. I fully agree with you on what you said. I know, lived, and made my peace with living your truth while being a part of the gospel community due to me being a pansexual male in his mid to late 30s who has been a preacher’s kid since I was two.

    3. This is such a good comment. I have been there. Suddenly here I am, wondering still, how I got here.🦋🌈💐💋

  19. Yo somebody is really out to get him. First someone in his close friends list release the video of him kissing another man now this. Somebody in his camp a snake either that or maybe it was meant to be exposed. A lot of the church members who are out here preaching have been getting exposed this year

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