Darren Sharper Gets A Long Banishment to Think

darren-sharperi’m still shocked at this story.
a ex nfl baller wolf who was a good player,
came from a good family,
and could get pussy by the dimples alone…
darren sharper is a rapist.
i say.
well he has been sentenced for his crimes.
guess how much years he got…

Former NFL star Darren Sharper was sentenced Tuesday a 20-year prison term, ending a tour of shame and punishment in the courthouse where he first admitted drugging and raping women in four states.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor denounced Sharper’s “horrible conduct” and “disgraceful abuse of trust” during the hearing that concluded prosecutions that unmasked the popular former All-Pro safety and Super Bowl champ as a serial rapist.

Under the terms of a plea deal negotiated with prosecutors in four states, Sharper will be eligible for parole in about eight years because California law requires he serve half his sentence and he has already been behind bars more than two years since his arrest. But he will probably serve more time if an appeals court upholds an 18-year prison sentence handed down by a New Orleans federal judge who rejected the deal as too lenient.

Sharper has appealed that harsher sentence.

Sharper, 41, sat quietly in court in orange jail scrubs and never addressed the court or two emotional victims who spoke about evenings that began innocently enough partying with friends but turned into nightmares they can no longer escape after he secretly slipped drugs in their shot glasses and insisted they drink. Both women blacked out and later awoke to the groggy reality that something terribly wrong had occurred that they couldn’t immediately comprehend in their drug-induced stupor.

“I started vomiting, my head was pounding and I had trouble seeing clearly,” said one victim, who said her rape on Jan. 15, 2014 was “the worst night of my life.’‘ The woman, identified only as Jane Doe 2, teared up before she even addressed the court and dabbed at her nose with a tissue throughout. She said her surfing career spiraled downward afterward, she lost her self-confidence, lives in fear and at one point considered suicide.

“The only good thing about this situation is that this disgusting low-life human will be sent to prison for many years and is likely he will never be able to do to this to another woman again,” she said. “I hope this scumbag will now feel as worthless as he has made me feel.”

Sharper, 41, was working as an NFL network analyst when women in several cities began reporting how nights of partying with their girlfriends and Sharper ended with them waking up in his hotel room confused and discovering they had been sexually assaulted.

The second woman, identified as Jane Doe 4, was with a friend when they were drugged by Sharper in his hotel room in 2013, hours after they met at a Sports Illustrated 50th anniversary party. She woke up on a bed with her clothes on, blood coming out of her nose and did now know where she was. She said her friend had been sexually assaulted, and both fled fearing for their lives.

“It’s one thing to be a victim, but to be the victim that got ‘lucky’ in some eyes is not easy to live with,” Jane Doe 4 said. “When I think back to that night I wonder what he could have done to me. That’s not lucky. It’s haunting.”

i remember when he was dating gabrielle union.
everyone was saying how lucky she was.
good thing she dodged that bullet!


you just never know nowadays.
way too many:


…out in this world and social media streets,
bill cosby is another one.
it’s sad they ruined their legacies over pussy.
darren was fine as hell.
now look at him:



lowkey: watch these she hyenas start putting money on his books.

article taken: abc7

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Darren Sharper Gets A Long Banishment to Think

  1. Wonder how many others did some sick shyt like this? These mofos have their choice of ass, damn near anyone in the club is trying to get their attention, and they have to pull some mess like this?!
    I will never understand these entertainers and athletes who do foolishness like this. I have ZERO sympathy for anyone doing something like this. They’re sick, but they KNOW what they’re doing. Sociopath to the extreme.

  2. I still don’t get it. Why drug women when all he had to do was smile and Have all the women running to u. He was a great player and sexy no need to drug someone. Smh.

  3. Rape is not about pussy. It’s about power. It’s about proving to yourself and the world that you can have whatever you want whenever you want it. These athletes are told that they are God’s best gift to the world from the time they are 15 or 16 and become dependent on that adulation. That’s why they invest their money in stupid schemes to prove that they are as good at everything as they are at ballin. That is why they assume the rules don’t apply to them in life as they didn’t in school. He didn’t want to bust nut. He didn’t want good pussy. He wanted to prove that he could take what he wanted and the world would permit it at 41 the way it did at 20. These people are dangerous to themselves and to others. I assume that a pro athlete is an idiot and a psychopath until I have good reason to think otherwise.

      1. Because they never learn to see other people as being as important as they are. A psychopath thinks of humans the way most humans think of squirrels…not worth going out of your way to hurt but not worth caring about either. They have a world view that says I am the center of the universe and everything exist to make me happy rather than I am a part of a community and have both rights and responsibilities to that community. You might want to see them perform on the field or enjoy their well-crafted bodies for a few minutes. But, you don’t want such people around your kids and you don’t want to tie your future to theirs. Think of the the 3 year olds you have known who were never told NO and never given any boundaries. Add 20 years and several hundred thousand dollars a year after taxes ( for a few years) and you have most professional athletes. What is dismissed as cute at 3 is a felony at 23 and a sex crime at 40.

      2. I wouldn’t say they’re psychopaths, but rather sociopaths. Even though they exhibit some pyschopathic attributes, showing no remorse for their actions and being downright cruel as well; they would trend more towards sociopath behavior because even though they show a trusting and sincere personality, they are really conniving and deceitful.
        They care about no one but themselves.

  4. Damn, i’m so baffled at this mans action and a promising life at that. “So sad”, i guess will wait to see him in “60 Mins” story.

  5. I saw Mr. Sharper in person about 10 years ago at a Gabrielle Union party I attended for NBA All Star in Houston Texas. Man this dude was beautiful in person. I guess he was about 30 years old at the time. Just as good looking in person as he was on his pictures. Like so many it is hard to imagine some one so good looking committing these heinous acts against women. I wonder was he raped or molested growing up. In my opinion, I think men who rape women have some type of hate for women in general and want to exert their power over them to punish them. He clearly has a sickness that more than likely stems from some traumatic event he suffered many years ago.

    It is so ironic that Gabrielle Union is a rape survivor and got hook up with him, even though thanks to that same party and her bad attitude, I dont really care for her to this day, I am glad she did not end up being one of his victims.

  6. all the money and fame this man had. but he decided to rape women.
    I guess him and Bill Crosby will share prison cell and they will share story of how they rape women.

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