Andrew Caldwell Is Not A Virgin Anymore (Our Prayers Worked!)

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-4-39-08-pmthe delusions.
well besides being shifty,
but the delusions.
so it has happened ya’ll!
i know you all were praying for this hyena,
but andrew caldwell has touched a wimmenz.
that’s right.
this is what he uploaded on his fb to tell us…

“touched a wimmenz” means he touched her on the side.wzy5mxthat’s right!
he felt some vixens’s waist.
now i want to play devil’s advocate real quick about all this.
if he so eagar to “touched a wimmenz”,
and is so religious,
isn’t that against the bible’s principles?
i mean doesn’t it tell you to only fornicate when married?
he kinda breaking a law


just saying.
if he is gonna follow the bible about being gay is a sin,
then shouldn’t he be also following it as far as touching random wimmenz?
something to think about.
this is the full video for your review:

well andrew…
i love laying up with a nice muscular sexy wolf.
send em all my way!

lowkey: that deep voice tho…<<<<<

video taken: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Andrew Caldwell Is Not A Virgin Anymore (Our Prayers Worked!)”

  1. i cannot!! i laughed so much my stomach hurts. I’m not even sure if he’s serious. Why he’s trying so hard?? Good for him if he’s happy tho.

    Jamari those bigots quoting the Bible never really read it because they would know we’re all going to hell according to the holy book. So i might as well enjoy that dickdown

  2. I’m gonna says this with love J…if you post one more story about this one …I promise you I wnot be back to the site…lol… seriously tho…

  3. Fellas hide your girl there is a new Pussy Hound in town making Vagina’s moist and ready and his name is Andrew. I dont know how this dude walks down the street without ladies throwing their panties at him. Talking about a STUD. Mr. Steal Your Girl is coming to a Church Revival near you to give the Sanctified Ladies some Anointed and Holy “D”- Church Mothers be on the look out aint no Coochie safe.

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