It’s Settled: Chris Brown IS The Next Michael Jackson

tumblr_ohhhvphumd1u2r94mo1_1280usher doesn’t get his props.
i was just saying this to someone.
as you know,
michael jackson is the platinum standard in music.
so many have been pre-crowned as “the new mj”.
suddenly they fall the fuck off because his ghost is petty.
all of them don’t reach his level of artistry and stardom.
he was truly one of a kind.
chris brown thinks he is carrying on michael jackson’s legacy.
in his new documentary,
chris says he is the closest thing to michael jackson’s legacy.
he uploaded this clip on his instagram
















who has been out longer,
isn’t even on the same level as michael jackson.
in my opinion,
he is the standard for the “dance n b” wolves that followed.
chris brown is a mixture of usher and this 90’s bad boy hyena:


…but an upgraded version who can produce and write for others.
am i lying?
if i’m wrong,
please let me know because i don’t get a “michael” from chris.
another thing…

Why don’t artists pave their OWN lanes?

why does everyone have to be the next “great”?
why do we need another:


that is an insult to the legend and the artist.
as an artist,
you’re not good enough to be their own.
they’re a knock off.
a designer imposter.
as a legend,
you’re about to be replaced and your accomplishments mean nothing.
you worked your ass off for someone half the talent to be the next “you”.
that would make me sick.
i’d rather be the next “jamari fox”.
i create my own lane and be my own blue print.

jvuw0g3that’s just me tho.

lowkey: i love when they said “this” was the next mj…

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i think the forests need to get it into their heads.
NO ONE will be the next mj in this lifetime.
deal with it.

video taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

38 thoughts on “It’s Settled: Chris Brown IS The Next Michael Jackson”

  1. Chris Brown is a dysfunctional individual and is not no humanitarian to the world. He was cute at the beginning but soon tarnished with his weird antics and showed us a drugged, and abusive individual. Micheal Jackson, and “We are the World” era is over!

      1. J, I have always thought that Janet was a better dancer than Michael. He had his signature moves that to ME, got tired over the years. Don’t get me wrong, the man had some incredible videos…but again, that’s just ME.

      2. Christian you are so right. I always felt that Janet was a better dancer than Michael. She has been killing choreography for 30 years. Jamari I also agree Michael had levels. By the way can anyone answer this question for me. With Janet being 50 years old now how long do you think she can keep performing? I really want to see her in concert, I hope she tours after the baby.

      3. LMAO. Madonna can hang around because she doesn’t dance like other entertainers dance, plus she does yoga and shyt. So she’s flexible to a degree, but her choreaography isn’t intense and/or intricate like Janet’s or Beyonce’s.

    1. ^i can see that.
      she has definitely grown these last few years.
      she is making amazing artistic strides and creating layers.
      for a while,
      she was a one trick pony.

  2. First let it be known that Michael could sing well and dance at the same damn time. I’ve never thought of Chris as an amazing singer his dancing skills outshine his singing.

    Second as far a stardom goes Bey got that, she’s gotten to the point in her career where she doesn’t even need to do interviews and such to promote a new album . She could throw one in the next 5 mins on Apple Music and tidal and it would be number one.

      1. Nah just a very talented Mediocre Pop and B star never really rising to his full potential. Chris Brown does not even have a classic album. He mainly just has Good Songs. I mean that’s cool but MJ had classic bodies of work. Only person who has had that consistently on the pop & B level is Beyonce. I mean just check the facts. As for Madonna that Old Whore is washed using the same tricks she ripped of from other more talented singers. What she need to do is stop competing with these young chicks and just be the veteran icon that they model themselves after and keep it moving. I miss the Madonna that left the Skanky past and moved on the become a married lady who carried herself like a proper woman her age. She even fake the English accent an everything. Now she is a side show Joke far from an Icon or a lady. You see Janet cleaned it up. Why can’t she

    1. ^and to be honest,
      beyonce needs to knock madonna off her pedestal as far as sales and singles.
      then we can try to work for mj status.

      beyonce is paving her own lane anyway.
      no need to try and be another “someone”.

      1. Chris’ dancing has always outshone his vocals. Let’s be real..the boy can dance, and his videos show it. You can see glimpses of Michael’s legacy in both Usher and Chris Brown videos, but they will never have his artistry and global appeal. Now I do believe that they both dance better than Michael, but artistic-wise, they will never be on his level.

        Beyonce has a ways to go before she knocks Madonna off any pedestal. If we lost “trap-Beyonce” and got the Beyonce from her Dangerously In Love album, she might be able to accomplish that. She needs that massive cross-appeal to reach the numbers that Madonna has, and I believe that if she crafted herself well enough, she could pull it off. She is VERY talented. Madonna used gimmicks to keep herself on top in her prime, always reinventing herself with each album release, which kept her on top.

        Beyonce has pure talent, and doesn’t need to do that. But I do wish that she’d make another disc like the Dangerously in Love CD, because everything she has put out after that has too many “skip” moments, whereas I can listen to that CD from start to finish.

      2. Everything Christian said, we’ve had this discussion b4 so I don’t want to rehash what i said about a year ago, except I’m probably the only person on the planet that doesn’t see what’s so great about Beyonce…I think she’s talented and creative, but I certainly don’t listen to her for her voice (she can sing, just not a fan of her voice). I would never listen to her without some sort of visual. Her visual performances (music videos, dance numbers) are spectacular though, she is captivating, I’ll give her that, but other than that… meh. She’s a genius with her image and staying relevant. I’ve always felt she was an icon for those things, not necessarily her voice, but that’s jmo.

        That being said, I really liked what Jamari said about artists paving their OWN lane! YES! THANK YOU! *home run for Jamari* Beyonce doesn’t need to be MJ, she’s f**king BEYONCE! I feel like she’s established herself. Mariah Carey and Whitney are known for their voices, CB is known for being violent and stupid, so i still don’t see the point for a comparison. ( I can see the Bobby Brown reference though, that seems more accurate to me)

        A TRUE artist doesn’t need a point of reference to be GREAT! it’s great to take inspiration from someone you admire but you have to distinguish yourself from the rest to reach your potential. *bye ariana, CB, etc.*

  3. Chris Brown is nowhere near MJ. Firstly his music is the same stereotypical auto-tuned music that does nothing but talk about fucking girls, getting high and partying. His music is classless, lacks sustenance and it’s sad because with his talent Chris Brown can be so much greater but it’s like he decided to become this ‘hood michael jackson’… honestly Beyonce is like the MJ of our generation. People go crazy over her lol…and Usher has established a better career and catalogue of music then Chris so if anything he’s heir to the throne not Chris. Chris can dance his ass off but MJ wasn’t just a great dancer. He had thought invoking music, music that made you jam and groove..Mj can never be replaced

    1. ^thank you!!!!!!

      Chris would have to revamp his entire life in order to be touch usher.
      he surpassed bobby brown and needs to establish himself as the next “chris brown”.
      the one who is king of the rest of the r&b acts that started or follow him.

      1. If Chris stayed on his meds, left the thug crowd he rolls with alone, and put real effort into his music, he could be a beast! He’s written some great tracks for himself AND other artists (which I didn’t know), so if he focused (although it may be too late now) he could do some things!

        1. ^he would have to lose everyone,
          take the rest of the journey alone,
          focus on being a father,
          and get out into life and experience the real struggle.
          he would make a blockbuster album and it would show him what life is really life.
          California is clouding his judgment and making him stupid.

      2. Yes. He would have to cut loose the posse that is doing nothing for him…but he’s too blind to see it. His focus should be Royal. Everyone and everything else should come after that. Forget the clubbing, chilling with the homeboys, smoking/drinking. With all that he’s been through in the past number of years, he SHOULD have that blockbuster album that you mentioned. He could put some of those experiences into song. We all know, that heartache and suffering usually make great material for a monster album for most artists!
        Don’t know what he’s doing wrong! LOL

      1. ^^ ay don’t blame cali for the nonsense that is cb. I admit I am not a fan of his b/c I don’t care for his voice, all of his lyrics latwly suck and I can count the number of songs in his discography that i have heard and actually liked on my hands. The boy has dance his butt off but that’s about it. Sad too b/c like others have mentioned I know that he has written some good so gs for other ppl but for some reason he continues to put out this standard ain’t worth a sick dog’s s****y music for himself. And the thing is that all of these ppl out here (mostly ppl who are attracted to him and love to listen to HIM is talking about sex) will swear up and down that he stay putting out music that will make him a legend. I personally don’t think that we’re too many years away from seeing him on Unsung.

  4. I think we have had this discussion previously in the Foxhole, but once again, MJ was on another level that none of the artist in this generation will ever touch including Chris, Usher or even the Blood of the Lamb Beyonce. There is a difference between having great talent and being an innovator. Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke, Prince, Michael Jackson these people were innovators that others follow- truly all one of kind artist. One thing that nobody can take away is the rich musical legacy that our people have made to these United States and to the world.

    Chris Brown has an average singing voice at best and would get blown away by any number of his peers for sheer vocals alone. I am not an Usher fan but he has better control of his instrument than Chris and that is not really saying too much. Now when it comes to entertainment, Beyonce is without peer in her live stage presentation but she is still not on MJ level in my opinion. Most of today’s entertainers owe MJ for borrowing from his vision when it comes to dancing. You see his influence in everybody. I am not aware of Chris Brown, Usher, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, Beyonce or any number of people who are supposedly the next MJ writing and producing for other artist and having his influence all around the world like he had, this alone separates him from these mere mortals. Chris Brown antics alone will guarantee that he will be playing in Casino’s by 2020 to pay his bills or on a reality show to make money and will not even be someone who will even influence generations to come. He will be a page in the history books about the sad state of R&B, and that will most likely be his legacy to the genre.


  6. Nah money the closes thing is Beyonce. Who is doing it on that level? Nobody! Nobody talent wise anyway. She played it safe for awhile but she is absolutely the next best thing to Michael. Also I am not a “Behive Member” I am just going on what I see. From what she is doing sonically, visually and then to top it off she can truly bring it live. There is nobody doing it like this (with the talent to back it up period.) The only reason she has not been crown yet is because she is a broad, and in this day and age that is truly shameful.

  7. “that is an insult to the legend and the artist.” AMEN to that!!!! Artist should’nt be trying to be the new version of a legend, you can never be him better than him, that means you will always be a low cost version. In the past i said beyoncé was the new MJ, giving the stardom she reached but now i don’t think she even wants to be MJ, she’ so hungry i’m sure she just want to be Beyoncé : The Legend, lol but i think it’s a good thing. And Chris needs to sit his ass down real quick, i saw him live he dances way better than MJ let’s be real here but chris can’t sing for shit.

  8. LOL child bye!!!!! Usher & R Kelly are the biggest R&B icons alive. Usher is probably the only R&B male alive right now with a DIAMOND selling album (correct me if wrong). Chris Brown is so pretentious it’s cringeworthy. Somebody who is worth something doesn’t need to say it all the time to try and prove something. Boy please! Beyonce is closer to MJ than you and she isn’t even the next MJ either (she’s “the beyonce”).

    1. Nah, Usher hasn’t hit Diamond status yet. Lionel Richie and Hammer are the only two black male artists still alive that have achieved that status. Also Darius Rucker formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish.

      1. Nah brah Confessions went Diamond and it also sold 1 million copies in a week. Also Stevie Wonder has a Diamond album with Songs in the Key of life. Let us also not forget “TLC” Crazysexycool.


    BREEZY was gonna be on that level of Usher … he fell short when he tried to kill Rihanna.

    He is still a notch above Omarion

    The closest entertainer to Michael is JANET

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