Um, Is Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire Single?


…maybe it’s because he is a stripper wolf?
i can see why that would keep bolo single,
but look at this

i’m not a vixen and my bawdy is already ready:


i’m sure he has a “go to hole” to bang.
just look at him:


someone(s) is wearing that pipe out.

lowkey: a lot of these vixens/foxes pay to fuck these stripper wolves to fuck.
they pay big bucks for the dick.
i want the big bucks on the right tho:


“hi stevie”.

picture and video taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Um, Is Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire Single?”

  1. This man gets more ass/pussy than you can imagine! The question is though, what’s his “type”?
    Does he like the “exotical” type, the “hood” type, or the “good girl” type?
    I’m sure whatever is offered to him, he doesn’t turn it down! He has that “equal opportunity” pipe! LOL

      1. Jamari you are on it. Bolo has been single for so long. With his job being a female entertainer, he would probably lose his female fan base if he would get married or have a girlfriend. I honestly don’t think he gets caught up in the stripper lifestyle, like having sex with his female fans. At the most he probably has one or two girls who he trust that gives him pussy. SN: there is no shame in me when I say that I would be Bolos little slut.

      2. A lot of these strippers have girlfriends/baby mamas/fiances/etc., but just how secure those women are with their man swinging his ass and dick in front of horny women is a different story. I do believe a lot of these single guys use that line to get the ass, plain and simple. If you really want a woman, give up the stripping and get a real job.

        Although I’m sure many of these guys have other jobs in addition to stripping by night, they can’t give up the adoration that comes with the territory. Many of them do hook up with ladies from their events, some have even been so bold as to post clips of their fuck sessions online.
        Hell, the stripper Flava (think that’s his name) banged two chicks in the bathroom at my niece’s baby shower a few years back, and let another chick give him head (which they videotaped). LOL

  2. Eh that’s the drawback of being attractive and making your living from it, people want to possess you rather than love you.

    I can guarantee any woman he dated would not be able to handle the attention he gets without getting jealous and possessive.

    Idk I feel like stripping should be a bridge to get you where you want to go, not a full blown career.

  3. I just wanna see him ply his trade. Hands off the talent, or in his case “for entertainment purposes only.”

    1. I love Bolo I’m so praying he cross over soon but really believe he’s a lame in person and looks better from a far I read comments his fans make I bet his ego is why he’s single but I’d love to find out hiss ass is right

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