remember ^this ( x facial )?
he has a very symmetrical face.
well the foxhole is getting some updates!
check his new facials and the rest of his bawdy…

and looks fun sized?


ironically enough,
he is the type to bag a rich wolf.
it’s ways the baller wolves and rich snow wolves who like this.
as much as everyone wants this “masculine looking” male,
his type is always chose.
hopefully when he opens his mouth,
he doesn’t remove all doubt.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


    1. Does nada for me as well. I get the feeling that when he opens his mouth he sounds like something from Rupaul’s Drag Race. No thank you.

      1. Eeexactly!…his body is a dime a dozen, chain necklace tat has been played since the first person who donned it, and his face is sculpted annoyance…u know, the kind u jus wanna punch right in the soft pink kisser e’ry time u see em. ..all that equates to, nope!

      2. I concur, He seems to plastic for me as if he had work done by Dr. Miami. Now that I think about he reminds me of Yellow boi, “Yuck, why did I say that”.

  1. Jamari, serious question: Are you really this horny? I visit your site daily so you know I love you.

    Run, run far away.

  2. There’s something “fierce” about his facial expressions. Bussy-boy. I’d ki-ki with him, the shade he throws casts a wiiiide shadow, lolol.

  3. He looks cute when he doesn’t try that hard with his lips. I can’t stand duck face, no grown man (or woman) should be doing this. His cheekbones are amazing tho

  4. If nobody else is going to say it I will. It’s sad how some are belittling this man for being himself. It doesn’t matter if he fits your mold of masculinity or being a man. He is still a man just like all of our gay asses are! High pitched voice and feminine strut or whatever other stereotypes y’all see him having. They see us all the same at the end of the day. Ironically, he is bagging the men that you all want because he is able to be himself @ ALL times. And you wonder why you are still single…

    1. ^@Leveled Libra…we don’t know who he’s bagging. He could very well be straight.
      Yeah, I was wrong for the Rupaul comment, but it was based off of past experiences with guys like this. They are picture perfect, but when they open their mouth, it’s venom spewed at others. Wrong of me to put him in the same category because I don’t know him.
      But you’re making assumptions just like most of us commenting did.

      1. My comment was not directed towards only you. I made that statement also because it was said that he is the “standard” for what the men we like seek. I wasn’t trying to come at anyone. I just get very emotional when I see someone being put down because of their look or who they are. There has to be something they are doing right to get whoever they have or something wrong with the men we seek for wanting someone like you described. Also, there may be a young gay man (I am 22) who “looks like him” and they see what is being said and feel that they should change themselves because of how their own people may view them. Just trying to get everyone to be open and break many of our bad cycles. I understand everyone is not perfect and everyone has their opinion.

  5. Meh. I always wonder about guys like this. You see these “pretty” looking guys and it’s like, umm okay.. He looks cute in the second picture. Not saying he’s not good looking or anything.

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