Damn, People Keep Stealin’ Dee’s Pictures

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 5.27.04 PMso if you see this picture on a gay sex site,
or even these

well you got got.
everyone meet dee,
a herbalife “you already know the drill”.
well he had to reiterate in a instagram video he deleted for whatever reason.
he is NOT gay and has no problems with gays,
but people keep stealing his pictures to use on escort sites.
i would HATE to be talking to something like this:

…and i’m really talkin to this:

we would have a lot issues.

follow the real dee on his social: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Damn, People Keep Stealin’ Dee’s Pictures”

  1. That was too funny with the picture and gif, but i know the feeling too well.
    This 50 – 100 yrs old guy who used a picture of himself when he was in his 20’s probably at 1980’s.
    The guy who I thought was a mulatto turn out to be this fat, save the Earth, Mexican guy with a small ass dick and ugly muthfuckin ass.
    I ran just like that woman.

      1. and it pointless too.
        like those guys were disappointed and sad, and I was like “Dude you lied, what did you expect?” and their excuse is “But we had such beautiful conversation.” Oh please keep that shit to yourself liar.

      1. You always been jealous of me.
        But that okay cuz haters gonna hate. #justsaying.
        FYI no I didn’t, but I did see their peens to see if it was worth it.
        And like Felicia Price said “Anything under 6 inches is of no use to me.”

  2. Niggas be faking. I guess some people gotta lie to kick it. Smh.

    Dude is tight tho. He looks like he’s hella cool too.

  3. He is sexy, like all herbalife wolves.

    I remember back when myspace was poppin, there were a bunch of gay dude’s using this mixed dude’s pics.He finally made a video stating he was not gay.There were so many damn fake profiles of him.There was also a bunch of fake profiles of this cute chick.

    I guess all thatdied with myspace but I lost count of how many profiles of these people there were.I have no clue why people do that.Either put up your real pic or no pic at all.Whose really that thirsty/insecure for attention.

  4. Eh he seems to have a shitty personality to me.

    One of those guys who judges you for not basing your entire existence around the gym.

    He’s not even all that.

  5. Add him to the other Hyenas that use Carlos McKnight and Justin Combs pictures and when you call them out on it they get mad and block you. Screen Shots are a motherfucker.

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