Daddy, Take The Condom Off and Take It Home With You.

nba baller wolf,
derrick rose,
ended up being an alleged hot mess,
didn’t he?
i didn’t think i would hear a “rape” story in his future.
hell i didn’t hear “baby daddy” either.
well in a court testimony,
derrick rose reveals what the nba coaches teach their baller wolves

NBA star-player Derrick Rose testified in his civil rape trial that the NBA taught him how to dispose of used condoms in special sex classes as part of the “Rookie Transition Program.”

Rose was explaining why after a sexual encounter with the plaintiff — known only as Jane Doe — he wrapped the used condom up and put it in his pocket to take home. Rose said that that was “kind of normal with my profession” and that the NBA taught him to “make sure you get the condom if you can’t flush it.”

Rose did not state why players are instructed to take their used condoms, but Deadspin reports that the usual explanation is that it prevents women from using athletes’ semen to impregnate themselves. At the trial, Rose said, “You never know what women are up to nowadays.”

Rose, who became famous as a point guard for the Chicago Bulls and is now with the New York Knicks, is on trial for raping the plaintiff at her apartment along with two other men, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton, in the summer of 2013.

Doe has said that she barely remembers the encounter and was too drunk to consent, but all three deny the charges. Rose has claimed, in part, that the encounter was consensual, because their previous sexual interactions had been consensual.

Rose also said that Doe never said no or seemed to want to stop, telling the men that she would take them “one at a time.”

“If someone says come in one at a time and you are a guy,” he explained at trial, “then what is that?”

He also testified that he didn’t respond to Doe’s text messages the day after the alleged rape because he “thought she was going to claim rape” and “it turned out to be what I thought.”

While testifying Rose referred to the night in question as a “typical night in L.A.”

The condom revelation came during a tense day in the courtroom.

At one point, Rose lashed out at Doe’s lawyer, telling him, “Don’t talk about my mom like that, bro,” when the attorney made disparaging comments about the manners that Rose’s mother gave him.

At another, when pressed over why he didn’t remember how long each man had spent with Doe, Rose retorted, “I’m not gay.”

Rose was also questioned over how he knew that a vibrator the plaintiff used was pink, because Rose is colorblind.

“There’s different kinds of color blind,” he explained to the court. “I know pink when I see it.”

Later U.S. District Court Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald scolded Waukeen McCoy, Jane Doe’s lawyer, for withholding three text messages in which Doe requests payment for a cab ride and a “sex belt” from Rose and said that he was considering a mistrial.

tumblr_nu3h5qss4c1t2acqjo1_r1_400is that class really working for some of these baller wolves?
they still out here having 5 or 6 baby mamas.
i wanna know how that conversation even goes:


















“i’m cummin!”
“hold on ma.
*slide condom off*
let me wrap this up to take with me…”

how does this even happen that she still ends up pregnant?

as far as derrick’s alleged rape situation,
this is why that “running the train on some drunk she-hyena” shit is sketch city.
she may have wanted it then but things change after a dismissal.
he was also fuckin her for years and clearly didn’t respect her.
he legit asked her to have his wolf pack train her.
so she allegedly agreed,
twisted out her mind,
and is now claiming rape.

you should NEVER fuck anyone drunk.
i know in new yawk,
you can go to jail if you smash someone drunk and they claim they don’t remember.
gays aren’t exempt from a rape charge out here either.
as much as sex feels good,
it can also fuck you real good too.
your pockets and your freedom.
be smart out here.

 x see the text messages
x read the graphic play by play from the trial

article taken: nymag

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Daddy, Take The Condom Off and Take It Home With You.”

  1. This is just a look inside of the lifestyle athletes live. It is not just in basketball, it is a culture within all of them. All of this is really sketchy to me, and it does not make Derrick look good in any light.

  2. Derrick Rose is not that smart.
    In a deposition he didn’t even know what “consent” meant.
    Grown men in the NBA running train with 2 buddies… hmm
    This entire trial is crazy. The lead detective was just found dead or an apparent suicide… WTH

  3. That is so like the drama in sugar queen with davis! Damn! Fucking a hoe for years,tell your friends to run a train in her,broke up then she claims rape…damn !

  4. This whole thing is just one big old mess. i’m on no one’s side in this whole thing because I really can see both points in this case. let’s not act like there are not girls(and guys) out there who are willing to get a train ran on them. especially with Derrick being a high profile basketball player i’m sure he has women doing themselves at him left and right willing to do whatever.

    At the same time though let’s also not act like men don’t take advantage of women when they are drunk and do things like this basketball star or not.

  5. He doesn’t seem that bright.

    I hope the alleged victim was fine as hell to be worth all this drama.

    He wants to talk about her reputation but he was still smashing her. Furthermore, you wanted to take turns on her with your homies for whatever reason and alcohol was involved. That sounds like a recipe for a disaster.

    1. ^there is a side of me that feels the victim is mad he allegedly cut off the pipe.
      she probably got fucked into thinking he was trying to allegedly claim her.

        1. “heaux you knew what this was” interesting
          Also you do understand that whether a consent form is signed or not, once the person says stop, it’s over

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