Choke Her, Slam Her, Fuck Up Her Hair?

there is always a big misconception about abuse when it comes to vixens.
they say you should never put your paws on them.
that is what i was taught growing up.

what if she has her paws in your face?
what if she pushes you?
even after you tell her stop,
what do you do?

well the following video is a:


take a look…

she is clearly in his face.
she even grabbed it.
i don’t feel sorry for her,
she was highkey provoking a reaction out of him.
i wish he would have ignored,

i bet she’ll tell her brothers and cousins a different story tho.

lowkey: where was the bus driver?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Choke Her, Slam Her, Fuck Up Her Hair?”

  1. It didn’t take all of that, but these younger girls have to realize that their mother’s boyfriends generation is way different from theirs. They can’t immulate their mothers with these little boys

  2. It depends entirely on which country the video was taken in. If it was taken in a country where Black men are only as likely to be charged as white women, his reaction is fine. If it was taken in a country in which a Blackman with a criminal record is not 90% more likely to be unemployed than anyone else, again, it was fine. If it was taken on this planet, however, this might turnout to be the dumbest thing this kid has ever done. But, for some, it is better to be in the right and in prison than allow yourself to be embarrassed for 10 minutes.

  3. He was well within his means of defending himself, after giving her numerous warnings and signaling for assistance while she was assaulting him. She is lucky that all he did was lightly hit her and hold her down while someone else could restrain her. I noticed some people on other blogs try to make her the victim when she was the aggressors that provoked him and hit him on numerous occasions, when he asked her to stop. Hopefully this will be a life lesson for her. Also, the same women that are feeling empathy for her were supporting Solange when ahe assaulted Jay-Z. At the end of the day, if you do not want to be hit, then keep your hands to yourself.

    Also, to the other posters about the previous generation and before, women were getting beat downs much worst but being in the technology age and the growth of people deeming it wrong you fail to realize it.

    1. Ive never seen a white woman’s life ruined because she provoked a Blackman. The reverse, however, is true, every fucking day. He cant do anything about what she does. But, his reaction is entirely under his control. Any parent who doesnt teach their Black sons that is not doing their job.

      1. Jay,

        I work in HR and “I,” along with others have fired white women and men, that have tried to sabotage or bring racist behavior to our organization to black people and vice versa. I am sure if you do some research online you can find some news articles where white women have been arrested in a black / white situation. Also, you have to remember who has control of mass media and the story’s that they highlight.

      2. We live in different worlds. In my world, being fired is far from the worst thing that can happen to a young Black man. In my world, a Black man is 20 times more likely to be incarcerated than a white woman. In my world, if she had pulled out a gun and shot him, she would never have been convicted of his murder. Each of us gets to decide if he will approach the world as it is or as it should be. Show me a Black man who is sufficiently well employed to provide a safe home, adequate healthcare and a bright future for his children and I will show you someone who never allowed himself to be filmed punching a woman for any reason whatsoever. Again, though, I value everything else in my life more than I value the temporary opinions of people egging me on to make a life changing mistake. Others have other priorities. Worldstar Hiphop isnt going to pay that young man’s bills when he is 25. The people who are going to be paying them should have taught him better self control.

    1. So all she wanted was the D and he wouldn’t give to her. Lots of frustated women out here because they not getting the D. Make live not war is some real shit lol

  4. What was he to do? This girl was harassing him and would not stop. No one would come to his aid. What is he supposed to do. Also we only see a moment of the situation. Who knows how long this behavior has been going on, and how long he has had to just ignore her. I am not saying what he did was right but realistically what were his other options.
    To those backseat drivers saying he should have done this or that, it’s so very easy to say he should remain calm when you aren’t the one having to endure the harassment.
    Ps it’s a shame that some are saying girls know a days cants get in guys faces because guys don’t react the way they did decades ago. How about we all condemn harassment instead of laminating young guys inability to handle it.

  5. The boy was wrong period. If a man is going to hit a woman because she was in his face something is wrong. Yea, I noticed she hit him, but her hand grazed his face and he hit her like that, it was uncalled for. I know one thing, he better be careful putting his hands on white women.

    1. I don’t condone violence but cone on. This is bullshit to say he should not have hit her nor any male but in this case he was defending himself and at the end of the day he was within his tight to defend hI’m self. Parents need to also teach these girls to not provoke anybody ..maLe or female. …sit your ass down ..especially if you can’t handle the consequences . If it was a smaller guy agitating him …lessons will be learned

  6. Man whatever, if a woman hits me, she getting her ass knocked the f*** out. Idk where people get this women are precious bullcrap from but even the Bible says an eye for an eye. I don’t remember no passage that said “Man shall not striketh women.”

    You come for mine, I’m coming for yours. As far as hitting a white woman, meh…anyone hits me they get hit back. WHITE, BLUE, orange purple…male, female. Now if she yelling in my face I can ignore but if she puts her hands on me, its time to mop the floor.

    Other than that, she was in the wrong for getting up in his face like that…

    Now what is the story leading up to this incident. Why she mad?

    1. Right. What if she had a knife and threatened him. Whether it is a knife or her body she was assaulting him. What about women who are domestic violence perpetrators ….people need to stop being brain washed

      1. I’m not no fool. Women fought for equal rights and as soon as some of them get slapped upside the head, folks crying abuse and saying you not supposed to hit females. I dunno where people get this logic, but they need to can it and quickly.

        Women can be professional boxers, martial artists, leaders and everything else men can be (including murderers and rapists) & are just as capable of causing pain and anxiety to men as men are to them.. Folks need to stop acting like men are SUPPOSED to take stuff because they are “men”.

        That’s all B.S. Men have feelings and can be hurt just like women can. I’m not for hitting a woman unless provoked though.

        Domestic violence goes both ways though and verbal abuse can be just as damaging as physical and she most certainly could have had a weapon too. Yu never know with anyone these days.

  7. Anytime I see stuff like this and people are quick to jump on a man for defending himself against a woman I always think of an incident with some old roommates of mine. Back in college I used to live with couple. The girl always used to play fight and hit the guy and it seemed no big deal to me. I remember him telling me that she was legit hurting him and I laughed if off thinking he was just whining. Well, one day when he was gone we were sitting on the couch and she play hit me and it hurt like hell. My arm legit bruised up. I was drinking a beer at the time and nearly busted the bottle over her head as a reflex. I caught myself and didnt get mad and she and I ended up having a discussion about how hard she really was hitting people. she thought her boyfriend was just exaggerating until I explained to her what she was really doing. So, at the end of the day her lack of a “y” chromosome and vagina didnt make my bruise hurt less.

  8. Why she look like the cash me outside girl 💀

    I was about say, Rachel Dozel Jr ain’t safe inside or outside 😂

  9. Yes she was wrong to be in his face like that or to even touch him… but come on this is not self defense, he’s way to tall way to strong to be threatened by her. self defense is the right for people to use REASONABLE force to defend one’s own life or the lives of others. This is anything but reasonable. He should have just ignore her. and this has nothing to do with her being a girl or white, you just don’t fight people obviously less strong than you. Are you gonna hit a 10yo little black boy because he hit you first?

    And giving how they all reacted i’m pretty sure he said something first, we all know how teenage boys are with girl when they are with their pack. Or maybe i’m just bias but this is wrong tho.

  10. The problem with our society is that we DO NOT WATCH FOR DETAIL, then impose our personal issues on the situation or allow personal prejudices be the sense through which we view. People always say “He should have walked away”, but in this clip he would have to physically move her to do so. “He should have restrained her”; HE DID she swung on him anyway. “It didn’t take all that”; HE DID NOT HIT HER THAT HARD as much as he guided her ads to the ground. If you watch closely, he held her down with left hand while flexing LIKE he was going to hit her with his right.

    We must stop always assuming the worst and giving these ignorant bitches passes. THAT’S why so many of them are getting drug now!!! Some other weak male has allowed that bullshyt, so they walk around thinking that they can do that shyt to anybody. I have seen several situations as a teacher in two different states where parents have filed charges on the GIRL. I have seen girls get suspended or expelled for harassment AFTER getting knocked the fuck out because the boy had had enough without any intervention by those with the authority to do something about it, particularly when stoopid adults believe the same deal some of you have espoused, that it’s no big deal.

    IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET HIT……DON’T FUCKING HIT!!!!! It is not rocket science, which is not as difficult as it used to be, by the way.

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