Chicago Bears Baller Wolf Has Some Big Leakage From An “Hit N Quit” Vixen

let’s get into something a little light.
i hate to damper the mood with what i was going through.
time to talk our favorite topic:


everyone meet joe anderson:

he plays wide receiver for the chicago bears.
judging from this:

he pretty much sits on the bench.
which means he would have a lot of time to get into trouble.
joe is about to be married and found himself talking to this vixen on the side:

well of course she got her walls re-arragned and dropped like a bad habit.
what did she do next?…


you know it had to happen that way!
she leaked all the text messages:

and then what we like:

poor girl.
he dug her out so good that he punctured her heart.
introduced him to her fam and everything.
she got played.
did she take her time to really investigate?
he did have a twitter and instagram that he quickly erased.
oh wait!
she started investigating after he beat the pussy like a bass drum and went missing.
joe was looking for some on the side pussy and he definitely got it.
baller alert has another entry where she is got called out.

baller alert: introduction to the scandal.
baller alert: introduction to the jump off

too much mess just for some pipe.
i tell ya.

lowkey: joe is a good at being low key.
i can’t find too much on him.
kudos for keeping his shit lowkey as he was looking for easy pussy.

21 thoughts on “Chicago Bears Baller Wolf Has Some Big Leakage From An “Hit N Quit” Vixen

  1. I don’t understand what leaking pictures does? That’s only getting him more pussy. I could understand if he had a tiny penis but he doesn’t.

  2. modern technology is not a baller wolfs friend for sure. but then again its the ‘messy’ ones that never learn.

  3. I swear I don’t know what the hell they feed the men in Texas but damn it sure makes em grow a mean dick. I have yet to meet a black man from texas with an avg size dick.

  4. That’s a dick pic!!! I can’t stand when guys send pics of their dick soft as hell. Give me a rock

  5. Another one bites the dust lol! These ballers just need to post dick pics along with their stats…just cut out the middle man/woman!

      1. Lol it might be fake why does he have those shorts on???? Ole dude from the Saints showed str8 meat

  6. Damn and that was pg-13 peen. I do notice that the majority of these baller vixens are light skinned just a observation. And you usually text the way you talk so must be from Alabama or Texas whit all the shiddd lol

  7. He looks like the type who can put it down and you will fall in love. Damn Im not even mad at her. She will be allright. Hopefully she has a few more pics to leak.

    1. She prob does. I don’t like that pic of her in the in the car wearing the red lipstick with that lil smirk. Judging from that pic, I can see the dirty ways in her eyes. She looks like the type who would get revenge in the worst way when you hurt her. She looks like she could be mean af lol. Real talk.

  8. Ugh. These leaks of peen do not really please me much anymore. It’s really getting old at this point. It’s the same scenario over and over. The jumpoff wants to be a jumpoff, then when the man leaves she’s scorned, and this is after she knew what her role was from the start. I’m so proud of these ballers who have wives, especially the ones who married young. Like they had no time for groupies and jumpoffs, they found a the right woman, settled down, and had a few kids. NBA players settle down more than men in the NFL. I wonder why?

      1. Right, like Anthony Davis and the girl from Baylor….really getting married at 19, just in the NBA?

      2. omg007 I’m not sure about that, I think they are just smart. Stephen Curry is married and as well, and has been for almost two years now. His wife is fine as hell. My god she’s pretty. She has been his woman for a long time, I think they were together since age 12 or 13. Not to mention he has a daughter with her too.

      3. Actually from a financial sense cause in case of divorce she really entitled to a big cash payout.

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