When Did Charlamagne Get So Handsome?

vibe-weekends-with-breakfast-club he def looks handsome in the following video.
you ain’t heard?
this is about the fuckery that happened when birdman landed in the studio of power 105.1.
so those who don’t know,
birdman had a very quick interview with “the breakfast club” on friday.
he had a lot to say in 2 minutes.
this is what happened


that was bizarre.
some thoughts:

  • why is birdman  pouting like a seven year old?
    hands folded and shit.
    how old is he?
  • why he had 20 hyenas with him?
    i bet that whole studio smelled like weed and morning breath.
  • i’m impressed charlamagne didn’t back down.
    he didn’t look scared,
    even though i’m sure he was shook on the inside.

    the other two looked like they tinkled in their drawz.
  • so he came there to say “put respect on my name”?
    who he think he is?
    martin luther king?
    i’m lost.
    who is even talking about birdman in 2016?
    cash money
    = “grand opening; grand closing”.

birdman can go sit down,
with his 20 hyenas,
but get into this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 11.40.43 AM

where have i been?

lowkey: i’m dead he legit said:

“did you pull up on ross that way?
or trick daddy?”


i can’t.
starting out with wendy taught him good.
this is power 105.1 explanation of what happened:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “When Did Charlamagne Get So Handsome?”

  1. I saw that video like yesterday and was wondering what was going on. Birdman came off really insecure and a little loony.

    I don’t see the attractiveness in Charlemagne, I just think he look a little bit better there than usual maybe it was the lighting.

  2. Yea he looks better because he got his skin together. His used to have a skin discoloration problem. He checked Birdman tho.

  3. Charlamagne is cute, but I always feel like he is wearing contour makeup. He’s light around the eyes and nose, but dark all around.

  4. I don’t see it for Charlamagne, at all lol. Pehaps it’s his personality I can’t get over. He’s so obnoxious. Envy could definitely get it though.

  5. Charlamagne had best be careful. These kats he talk about will catch him sleeping one day, and that will be all she wrote.
    Baby is a thug, a straight up thug. I’m sure if he wanted to he could really have Charlamagne go through a serious beat-down, without having to lift a finger. When you’ve lived life like he did…you don’t give a damn. And you KNOW his entourage don’t give a fuck! They came in ready to do something. LOL

  6. “Baby” sounded like he was about to cry. But did you see the liquor bottles …they get turnt..that explains alot

  7. Tuhandles, I’ve always had a lil’ thing for CThaGod and nowadays he’s toning up the body and skin. Personality notwithstanding, I’ll give it up for dude. #ijs

  8. Charlemagne been hitting the gym and got that skin cleared up. He looks better but it’s a no. Envy could get it lol

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