Took. Me. Out. (Don’t Say My Name)

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put some “respek” on that name.
“respek” that name.
ima use that in a sentence this week.
i love black twitter,
i swear i do.
this made me laugh so loud



birdman about to be “the joke” the next few days.
on lighter news,
this made him relevant again.

lowkey: birdman is a goon tho.
he will shoot you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Took. Me. Out. (Don’t Say My Name)”

  1. Who in the hell is playing with his name?

    Angela was looking like the Mr. Krabs meme tho. When he was going off and they showed her face, she was scared to death.
    Birdman has not been relevant since his “Stuntin Like my Daddy” days with Lil Wayne. Ole washed up and recycled ass.

  2. Also how dumb is he to go on record with potentially threatening Charlamgnes live and came through with a bunch of people which could incriminate him down the line.

    This is why I can’t

    1. ^i think that’s why charlamagne was taunting him.
      he knew if anything popped off,
      it would be on camera and used as evidence.
      plus didn’t those hyenas look young as hell???

      1. Honestly Im surprised no one popped off and became loud and offended how he came through there. Its not hot97 back in the day, they cant do anything but run their mouth.

        If that was me lawd I would have became go ghetto and said try me rolling my neck and clapping my hands and said I fight like white people…With lawyers, video receipts and pressing charges.

  3. Birdman is too damn old to still be checking people. I’m thinking it was a publicity stunt to make him seem thug with all them gay rumors going around.

    If it was, it would have looked better if he didn’t bring a bunch of young men with him, that’s why the rumors are there now 😓

  4. Even though I couldnt get the video to play, I know it was probably hilarious. That is gone be my new saying, you gone put some Respek on my name. It is hard to believe that millionaires are still acting like this in 2016. So many of my brothers and sisters have lost their life over dumb ass pineapple shit that I have lost count. Does this shit really matter when we have so much going on around us. I am assuming that this man has millions of dollars in the bank and he is going around acting like a damn fool so he can get other lost young pineapples to look up to him and Respek him. Pineapple sit your ignorant ass down and have some Respek for yourself. I had the displeasure many years ago in LAX to see this pineapple and his entourage. It was early in the morning and he was eating breakfast. How come one of the dudes in the entourage takes his pancakes and cuts it up into little bite size pieces for him. I was like WTF is this shit real. I have not seen anything more gayer in all of my life than this. They were all acting like little flunkies, I guess thats what they were, little paid flunkies. This stunt did not do anything but make him appear like a dumb ass and he lost what little credibility he had.

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