How To Get Trapped By A Work Wolf

tumblr_mv8v3xthKT1szjykgo1_500“hey lets talk a little later.
i got a lot going on.
i’ll holla.”
thats what i told work wolf in a text earlier.
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The Prize Yet To Be Claimed

objects-0166_large“you are sitting there.
you are the object of desire.
everyone wants to try for your attention.
funny thing is…
they don’t.
they would rather play the easy game than the challenge.
you make people want to step up.
get their shit together because they know…
you not like everyone else.
the only problem is…
​you are too much of a prize to really pursue.
how crazy is that?”

they say if you think you are a “prize”,
others will view you just the same.
does that really work in this life?
hell is it even working for the straights?
well i don’t know what to think about it anymore.
being the person that sits on the top shelf.
the one who pays their bills on time,
credit is exceptional,
everything is in their name,
and they are living that independent hustle.
realistically that all could be used against you when you are trying to date.
who woulda thunk?
check it…
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A Trip and Fall Down Memory Lane

letter,love,words,quote,roma,envelope-c019a671c5d81c4c2adbe21cf329bc0c_hi get great emails.
the foxhole is always in constant communicating with me.
if i don’t get back to your message,
please do not take offense!
i was speaking to an foxholer about “him” from my job.
“that guy”.
“him whose name shall not be mentioned”.
anyway he showed me this old entry from 2011:

x “Yo Straight Gay Wolf, Do Wanna Be My Manz? PAUSE and NO HOMO.”

honestly reading those comments helped me find my golden crown again.
thanks to the foxholer who had to refresh my soul drive.
well i was talking to vain,
one of the foxhole vets,
and showed him the entry.
well in a reponse,
he wrote the following
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Straight Wolves You Want 2 Smash (Hard) Can Be Your Friends

tumblr_mrqampgBBi1qb0bzxo1_500i have a lot of straight wolf friends.
some of them are fine as hell.
i don’t actively try to seduce straight wolves.
if i did,
my sex life might be a lot more poppin’.
so would my health insurance.
i’m very shy and i’m terrified of rejection.
either way,
there is always that one “straight” wolf i meet that would latch onto me.
i always meet one of  them before an actual “gay/bi” wolf.
ive been told i’m a little intimidating.
i don’t know.
either way i’m over that scene.
i was talking to my cousin hyrbid about the “work wolf” chronicles.
even tho he isn’t close,
talking to him usually brings me so much peace.
he is the only one in this life,
next to the foxhole,
i actively communicate with.
he stopped dating colored and moved onto snow hybrids.
well i was asking him an easier way to get over all of this.
well this is what he told me via whatsapp
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