I Can’t Have A Daughter

ooooooh so now the wolves are scared that karma will answer to their whoring ways.
the answer usually being a daughter fulfilling her role as predestined thot.
i love an “aha” moment.
doesn’t feel so good,
does it?

she will be the karma for all the good vixens you hurt along the way.
and don’t think of locking her in her room.
remember how the skilled thots that snuck you into their vaginas?
 field trips.
 movie theater bathroom.
victoria secret dressing room.
“my mama leaving at 10 for work”
you can’t stop fate wolfie.
same with the wolves who are homophobic.
they usually produce a son who is the biggest queen to hit the scene.
imagine being a d/l father with a messy queen son?
sounds like me laughing.
karma has an interesting way of paying what you owe.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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