Can You Lower This Down Please?

0774ok so ima have to not do this,
or lower it down completely

so i started taking melatonin.
it helps with sleep.
since i was waking up at 530am,
and not feeling rested throughout the day,
one of my foxhole favs suggested it to me.
it was on sale at gnc for 11,
and another was 50% off.
i got the 3 and 5mg.

the first time i took a 5mg,
i was completely rested the next day.
i woke up on time with no issues.
what i started noticing is how tired i was at the end of the day.
like i would have to come home,
the time i come in to update the foxhole,
and be knocked out until like 930pm.
the day i went out with work wolf
giphyi wanted to take a nap in the dressing room.

last night,
i had to ask mi to wake me up so i can start blogging.
well i had to use her as a real life “snooze button”.
sadly i used her services about 8 times.
i didn’t even want to get up.

tired-cati was so beat.

this morning,
i felt like had to channel all my foxlike powers to wake up.
it felt like i got hit with every car on a highway.
i took a 3mg last night and i was struggling this morning.
thank god its only me and one other person in my department today.
i may have to take a nap at my desk.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Can You Lower This Down Please?”

  1. Just take it in cases where you’ve been having problems sleeping or you didn’t get enough rest the night before and you need to make up for it. I only take mine when I’m going to bed early and I’m consciously winding down after a shower and my clothes are ready for the next day.

    At least you know your body needs more rest than you’re giving it currently if you’re oversleeping and it’s hard to wake you up.

    1. ^yeah im starting to realize I messed up with this pill LOL
      yeah my body is tired which is why I don’t really care if i go anywhere or not.

  2. Be very careful with this stuff. It is a hormone. A synthetic hormone at that. Your body naturally makes it. When you supplement hormones your body shuts down the manufacturing of the natural stuff. Melatonin is good if used once or twice to get some sleep every blue moon or so.

    Relying on it too much can actually cause insomnia because you shut down your own natural factory for the stuff. Some people’s body will adjust and start back producing what the body needs. But others not so much….and it is pure hell.

    When it’s bed time it’s bedtime. Start dimming the lights, set a temperature that’s good for sleeping (60 degrees for me), and strictly no cellphone no laptop no distractions just sleep.

    1. So agree with this comment, let your mind know your bed is a place for sleep( and fucking) only.

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