Your Competition Is Better Than U.

boxing-glovesthey say competition is healthy.
sometimes you don’t even realize you are competing with others.
competing can also be pretty corny as well.
kinda like this whole “stan war”,
where we only can have “one pop star” at a time,
is pretty damn annoying.
in a race,
we have to compete to get to the finish line.
in life,
we may find ourselves competing with others subconsciously.
we want the most likes,
and popularity.
in our jobs/careers,
we are competing for higher positions and better pay.
in love and lust,
we want “the one” that everyone wants or dreams of.
i had to wonder if its all really worth it?
and is it really healthy?
if we are all subconsciously competing with the next animal in the forest…

What are we actually winning?

can i be honest with the foxhole?
well you know i will be.
when it came to work wolf,
i felt like i was subconsciously competing with liar liar.
tumblr_mcum2yptCD1ryi4ijplease don’t judge me!
i’m fragile.
well for whatever reason,
he is still to be low key obsessed with trying to fuck her.
she must have promised him a nut to the moon and the stars.
judging from whatever she has in her pussy,
she seems to get wolves to do whatever she wants.
i somewhat felt i would lose him to her.
insecure as hell i know.
physically i know she can have him.
emotionally i know i already have him.

she also has the pussy so she gets pushed to the top.
hell i found myself asking:

Are vixens really our competition?

it seems for for every wolf,
there is 20 foxes and even more jackals lurking.
if he is bi,
then you have vixens as well.
for every “good person”,
there is “the person they loved who got away”.
for every “sexy as shit on instagram”,
there is “someone sexier a couple profiles away”.
for every “you”,
there is “another who is better than you”.

giphy…you get the drift?
so should we really compete?
or should we just turn our blinders off?
should you always feel you can get who you want?
or should you realize that there is competition all around us?
i had to ask…

What are you competing for?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Your Competition Is Better Than U.”

  1. That’s always the case, we are surrounded by people who have different backgrounds and different strengths. Depending on what/who you want, and who’s looking at you, depends on if you’re the right fit or not.
    Its funny because I had an interview today, and that’s what I was thinking about all day. “who else did they see? talk to? What does my competition look like?”
    Sometimes, you just have to accept that you never know who’s fishing around the corner, but you still have to fight like you’re competing against someone who outclasses you. They may have the skills, but you can have something that they just can’t bring to the table and not even know it. You ARE competing against people, but even if they’re more qualified, they’re competing against YOU as well.

    The best way is to probably not focus on the competition, but what you can offer someone/something. If that’s not what they’re looking for than just chalk it up to “i wasn’t the right fit”

      1. Depends on the way you think! If you truly believe that you have all the tools that you need, the idea of competition becomes irrelevant!
        When you focus on competition you’re taking the focus off of what YOU have to bring to the table, and what other people are bringing.
        Its an energy thing. If you put the energy out their that your competition is so much better than you, than they are because you defined it to be so.

        While it is natural think like that at times, you should try to hone in on what makes you SPECIAL, to the point where it doesn’t matter if someone is more qualified than you, because what you’re bringing to the table compensates for maybe a difference in skill/background/education whatever it may be or even looks if this is romantic competition.
        We’re all different for a reason, so use the tools you got! Not so great looking? Maybe you’re funny, Not so smart? Maybe you’re talented or vice versa, Not so tall or muscular? maybe you have a mandingo or a phat as hell ass, or something, or maybe you don’t need any of those things because of the personality you have, and how you draw people in.

        If you’re focusing on those who are gunning for what you want, it suggests that you don’t quite believe you deserve those things, because you think that what they have EARNS them whatever it is you want, as opposed to the tools you do have.

        If you truly believe you deserve those things, you will believe you will achieve those things regardless of the competition. They will be there, but you KNOW you’ve got what you need to get you there.

        Sometimes we don’t get the things we want because sometimes we don’t know what we want, or what we don’t want, and life tells us for us as a blessing in disguise.

        Again, its natural to feel that way, but you have to determine where the focus of your mind is, on others? or yourself? If you’re lacking in something, use your tools to compensate for it. There’s always a way!

  2. I think it depends on how you see yourself.

    Competing for someone’s affection or time is pointless. Men especially pretty much know fairly soon if you’re what they’re looking for or just one of a harem to provide him stimulation for the moment.

    Competing in the workplace is different but I don’t really consider it competing because if you already have a excellent work ethic like me it’s hard for anyone to compete anyway lol

  3. I don’t want to even think about competing because I’m pretty sure I will have a losing chance lol

    But seriously with all these foxes with big butts and in this life lifestyles idk. I know good looking wolves who will be will some the ugliest chicks just because they have a fat ass or pussy. While I can be just as cute and have what I think is a great personality I get nada but the scraps. So for my sanity I’ll tell myself to just bring all the good things to the table that others can’t and take it from there.

  4. Me, I don’t do competition with anyone cause idc who you are, you ain’t me bish. I only believe in taking care of yourself period, unless you have children then you gotta take care of yourself n them.

    1. Hello Lindo! That’s what I’m saying. I am my competition. I have tunnel vision, you will go insane looking around at other people and trying to compete, somebody will always have the upper hand in something (body, money, love life, etc). But they aren’t me! And never will be. We all have those moments of weakness (I’m prone to them) where we compare ourselves to others but then I remember who the hell I am. Lol. Sometimes we give so much energy to trying to compete and not focusing on our own journey.

      1. ^ this is the kind of mindset that will get you guys far! That’s exactly what I was talking about.
        “I am my competition”…Exactly! Other people become irrelevant when you think like this! If you got it, you will get it!

  5. Preach, Dignified! It’s easy to get sucked into competition with others, and some people even thrive on that as it pushes them to strive for heights they might not have aimed for otherwise, but when competition no longer brings out the best in you, you need to focus on honing your unique skill set, not only for a promotion, but for your own desire to develop personally and professionally, so you can eventually exit this life as the best YOU possible.

    As for vixens, they have their own set of problems that we don’t have to put up with, so the grass isn’t always greener on their side.

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