Getting Blown On Memorial Day

tumblr_llzkdgRf9a1qc8odko1_500my memorial day weekend may or may not blow.
i am not as bothered tho.
i don’t have any people i want to hang with.
i’m tired of the straights tbh.
the only gays i have are the ones reading.
i could be upset,
but that would be silly.
why complain about an issue i could fix,
but i have no energy or fucks too?
on lighter news,
work wolf invited me to a cookout he may throw sunday.
he came over earlier to my desk and told me.

“you are welcomed to come.”

its at his family’s crib tho.
i’ll see how i feel.

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32 thoughts on “Getting Blown On Memorial Day

  1. Don’t go. If one of his family members suspect something the will get it started to out the cousin and his reaction could be bad so he can save face. Take Mii if you go to throw off the nosy ones.

    1. Exactly! Nearly every family has a messy person in it and i’m not talking about messy queens. I think taking Mi will get the nosy ones attention even more. something along the lines of “oh he brought his cousin? not a girlfriend?” people are willing to be nosy over anything. For all you know you might meet one of his ex vixens there that’s “a friend of the family” and so now everyone acts like she’s apart of the family. You know the kind of situation i’m talking about.

  2. Just go. Lord. Aint like you going to do anything on Monday anyway. I told you. He may not be what you want him to be but the man obviously values your friendship. Shit. You might go and find out his even finer cousin wants some of that ass on some footsies at the spades table type steez.

  3. I didn’t want to say anything, but stay yo ass home and cook some hot dogs, hamburgers, and baked beans lol.

  4. Hm this one is tough! I want to say go just for the sake of living, and if you don’t like it, you can bounce, but for the reasons stated above..idk.
    What the heck, I say if you want to go, then you SHOULD go. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t. Trust your gut!
    But I’m more on the side of “go” just for the sake of it. At least, if you go, you would never have to say “well I wonder if?….” y’know?

  5. Don’t let fear keep you away from communing with your friend and his family. He probably knows that you are gay/same gender loving and your cousin is not you–so bring your cousin too–if she’s invited or can be invited. If your friend accepts you, then he accepts you. If others don’t like your perceived sexual orientation, then that’s their problem. Also, your friend may want to introduce you to a cousin or other person he knows for you to possibly date.

  6. Interesting
    Four people say go(Mac,Nevets,Dignified and Dean)
    Four say no(Cautious,tbw,The Man and Omar)
    I wouldn’t go because he might invite a vixen.I don’t want to see a guy I have a crush on hugged up with another chick especially if I am there alone.
    I agree with Dignified- Trust your gut

  7. You should go. You should get used to doing things with him. Friends invite friends to cook outs all the time. I havent gathered that he knows you like men so it should be cool. How would anyone in his fam suspect you are gay unless you present yourself in a way that it is obvious. Just be cool with him and let the relationship go down whatever path it will go. If you are meant to be just friends good if something more let it organically happen. He doesn’t seem to be acting in a way that would restrict the growth of your friendship so why would you. Unless you cant just be his friend and will always desire more.

  8. I get your apprehension. I’ve never been a fan of mixing friends and family. I don’t mingle with the friends of family and my friends don’t interact with mine. It’s just weird unless they’re super friendly. Lol

    1. ^ my spirit is telling my sit my ass down lol
      i don’t know if it’s fear of the unknown or my legit intuition.
      I’ll see how I feel Sunday.

      1. Well do you at least think he knows you like guys? Has he dropped hints? I mean him inviting you round fam says alot and probably means he is completely comfortable around you.

      2. That is funny. Wolves woulda def asked by now if there is any females you checkin for. Idk. I mean would a DL dude really bring somebody he thought was gay round his fam. Either way be his friend with no expectations. He is comfortable around so you be comfortable around him. Eventually there will be no ambiguity between you two.

        I say go because your friend invited you. This may offer an opportunity to truly solidify your friendship and also lay the ground work for you to eventually know for sure what this situation is.

      1. ^ i don’t know Jay honestly.
        this is a very weird game we are playing.
        i don’t want to say “yes” and be wrong.
        I’ll say “i don’t know” and be safe.

  9. I say tell him you’re try to stop by , kinda make it seem like you have other plans as well that way if things go south you can make a quick exit without it seeming rude or obvious .

  10. Will Sunday be the first time you have had any contact ( by text or in person) with him on a weekend or a non work day?

      1. Since the vixen won’t be there, now I think you should take Mickey kun’s advice.Spend some time with him in different environment.You may see another side of him.Now you have to decide what you are going to wear if you decide to go.
        Decisions Decisions

  11. Go and have fun. What’s the worse that could happen? To those that are saying his fam could find out….. How? Jamari isn’t a queen…. Lol

  12. I say go Jamari, he thought of you enough to invite you, if you go and decide you’re not comfortable you can always leave. At least you showed up and I think he would appreciate it.

  13. Jamari, you are a grown ass man lol. If you want to go…go. I’m sure he would not invite friends around if his family was crazy and ratchet. Follow your intuition but don’t let fear stifle you from having a little fun and getting out of the house. Chile, go even if you just go to eat (that’s what I would do). That was really nice of him to invite you btw.

  14. Yeah, tbh it doesn’t have to be a big deal. if you’re feeling it you’re feeling it y’know? Go with how you feel.

    I’m under the impression he only invited you…Idk, I’m starting to get a “ding! ding! ding! He wants you” in my head, but I’m naive on this topic.

    Idk it just seems strange that a supposed straight guy who were pretty sure knows you’re gay is inviting you over at an intimate family thing? Idk if im reading into it but I thought straight guys wouldn’t go that far, do people do that? This just seems like its escalating fast lol..

    If his other homies (or whatever) are there then I wouldnt have much to say, but if its just you he invited, this is weird indeed and my senses are tingling.

    On another note, I think this would be good because you get to see another side of him. I see this as the perfect experiment- I MEAN “opportunity” lol to perhaps get more insight on who this person is. Clues are everywhere, and especially in his home. On a more innocent note, it sounds like it could be fun Jamari. You could always leave early if you’re not feeling it, no biggie or after the food (I love that suggestion LOL)

  15. I dont think going would be in your best interest. You still like him but stuck in the friend zone. Being around him could just have your feelings stuck in the same place they are. He said he was your friend but do you really want to be his “friend”? I mean if you werent attracted to him would you still be friends with him? If not then i say leave him alone. He is taking up space in your mind for someone better. Someone who feels the same way about you as you do him,who lets it be known they want your ass,who you dont have to play the game of Clue just to figure out “Are they into me or not” so you wont have to doubt yourself as to your judgment in why do I always fall for the Straight/Bi Guy. Its 2015, If a guy isnt giving you what you need let him go. Its easier said than done,I know most def,but its the only way to keep you some sanity and unnecessary headache and heartache. You living in New Yawk City Jamari! Get out there and mingle. You dont understand the advantage to Wolves you have. I know they have cookouts and parties and parades going on. You MUST get out there and interact with people. Try making it a goal to talk to 1 guy when you are out and about you never know who you could meet.”In conclusion”live your life for you not for some possibly dl guy. If hes not bringing you what want and need BYE FELICIA!

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