Odell Beckham Jr Had Company Over The Weekend

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.44.07 PM

remember when i said ( x from this entry ):

“we don’t know what odell is doing right now.
he could be balls deep up in some vixen as we font.”

i guess i was foreshadowing.
drake had his memorial day party at the ovo estate in la,
he invited odell beckham jr,
and this happened according to an ispy
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Getting Blown On Memorial Day

tumblr_llzkdgRf9a1qc8odko1_500my memorial day weekend may or may not blow.
i am not as bothered tho.
i don’t have any people i want to hang with.
i’m tired of the straights tbh.
the only gays i have are the ones reading.
i could be upset,
but that would be silly.
why complain about an issue i could fix,
but i have no energy or fucks too?
on lighter news,
work wolf invited me to a cookout he may throw sunday.
he came over earlier to my desk and told me.

“you are welcomed to come.”

its at his family’s crib tho.
i’ll see how i feel.

Country Grammar And Other Responses

ti-and-tinyum no they not.
so as you know,
t.i and floyd where fighting over tiny down in vegas this memorial day weekend.
at fatburger.
lets not forget that part.
anyway each one of them gave their responses of what happened yesterday.
floyd had to say this…
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In Memorial Of The Social Life I Use To Have

Straight up, this weekend has been a disaster.

I have NEVER been home like this for a Memorial Day weekend.
It was either cookouts, work (when I did retail), or meeting up with some Wolf.
This year was PAINFULLY different.
It started out with some things to do but it ended with the usual mix of loneliness and depression.

Why oh why oh why…

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