Bret Lockett Wants Us To Go With Him…

… but where exactly?

So as you all know I haven’t mounted Bret Lockett yet.
I know, I’m slackin.

Just kidding.

Anyway, as you know from Fox past,
I featured Bret on a segment to promote his up and coming rap career.
Thanks to one of my faithful Foxes, omg007, I was informed on the music video.

See below for where Bret wants to take us…


If any baller, Wolf, Fox, or Vixen ever wants to hear the truth, you can always depend on Jamari.
Since this NFL is in a major lockout, ballers need to find part time hobbies to pay some bills.

With that being said Bret….


  • He and his Wolf-like body are definitely what I needed this tired morning.
  • The lead female was cute. Her forehead was a bit distracting, but she was cute.
  • The location was BEAUTIFUL. Very nice visuals for us to enjoy.
  • The melody of the chorus was catchy.
  • The beat has a nice laid back feel.


  • The flow needed some work. It started going flat and borderline corny.
  • Why was he on a bike in the beginning? I felt that scene wasn’t needed.
  • I felt at times it was a knock off of LL Cool’s “Paradise” video
  • It came off so boasty and so typical “baller turned rapper”. Yes, we get it. You make a shitload of money, but can you talk about something that doesn’t fall into “I’m bored since I have a cake load of money and need something to do” category?
  • I didn’t feel like she was totally into him. She was giving me throughout the video, “Yeah he has money, I’m fuckin’ him, and yeah that’s it.

I felt the video and song needed something else.
It was missing something.
Maybe a female singing the hook or even some more harmonies in the chorus.
I would have made the video a tad different with some ideas flowing through my head as I was listening to the song and visualizing a different direction.

Take it how you want.
Bret you have potential.
Don’t bore us with a snooze fest.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Bret Lockett Wants Us To Go With Him…”

  1. JAMARI I FUCKIN LOVE YOU!!!! i saw the title and was like no he didnt. S.N i would like to be paid for my investigative services my bills coming in the mail.

      1. None — at. all. I’m tired of this type of hip-hop & his flow is … Um, yeah. Guess you need something to do in the offseason, though.

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