Moriah is Not Gay

Moriah from Baldwin Hills is NOT gay.
No, seriously, he isn’t.
That actually is his brother.
He even has a QUICK PR statement attached to the after effects of said picture:

I’m not going to explain myself too much longer. my BLOOD, (as in biological) brother says he wants to take a picture, says i don’t have a choice (i did but went along with it anyways because it wasn’t a big deal.) My BLOOD (as in biological) brother sets up his computer on the dryer, and as i walk out of the bathroom he says come here, and grapples me and makes a gay pose. as you can see, i’m just standing there because i am a g, plus I’m still tired because I have jet lag from the ATL-LA flight. I thought i was going to have to swing on some terrorists, but turns out that it was a good day. Don’t go off of what pictures you see, nor word of mouth. thats ignorant and foolish. It was all in good fun, but apparently it was too far. There’s still far better things to focus on. Don’t keep your eyes on the creation, but focus on the Creator. Know Him and you’ll begin to understand the creation, and experience true love. I’m not gay, nor am I affiliated with any sense of homosexuality/bisexuality/trisexuality/quadrisexuality/transsexuality/bestiality/etc. neither is my BLOOD (as in biological) brother. hop off. thanks.

Aside from that, Moriah has developed into his looks (finally).
Can I get a serving of those pecs on a Wolf, while I’m sunny side up? 

12 thoughts on “Moriah is Not Gay

  1. Oh, BTW, children w/different fathers (but the same mother) will very likely look different.

  2. It’s a suspect pic, seemingly by design (as in his brother probably did it to set/piss him off – thus the ‘cmon son face’). I can give him that…I even know dudes who will play around like that. Moriah’s reaction is still, ‘ooh, gay cooties!’

    AND either he or his brother released the fuggin picture!! So shut the f**k up about it, Moriah! Don’t like it, delete the dayum thang or don’t pose. You just want attention…so again, saddown _/

  3. If it was me, my parents would kick both me and my brother’s ass for taking a picture like that and putting it on the internet. This picture would NOT fly in my family, even if we are “blood brothers”, who look nothing alike by the way.

  4. Nobody said gays are better than homosexuals. We are the same except homosexuals are attracted and have sex with the same sex and straight like the opposite we not including dl or bi or whatever. It dont matter how they interact but the pic was posted on this site for opinions and what he doing in that pic is questionable. We live in america and we already know how it is. We not in no other country. Its the fact that he saying its his brother and its giving off the impression of lover. Dont try and deceuve us thats all im saying. He know people going to talk about the pic so why put it out if thats not what he want unless it was leaked



      **IM DONE AND GONE**

  5. Jamari, since I’m new to this blog, will you discribe to me what’s the differance between a wolf and a fox. second; even though I don’t kno the brother why would he care what people think of him;its his brother he’s in the pic with not some other. “its not what people think of U that matters its what U answer too”… as a man thinks so is he!

  6. His brother? Dont nobody be on they brother like that even in different countries. COME ON. Really? Why is your brother all on you like that lol

    1. Im not saying that its specifically brothers that are on them like that in other countries, but even if that is how they interact, why should it matter? gays are no better than heterosexuals here in america always trying to put the genders in a box of how they should and should not act. its sickening!

  7. it wouldve been better had never explained. its nice to see young men embracing in an intimate or not. we americans are forget all too often and are ignorant to the fact that in other countries men do kiss on the lips and hold hands as a form of friendship and genuine love not even on the homosexual side of things. Men here act as if they have to constantly prove they are a man. You’ve got a dick, your driver’s license says M for MALE so does your birth certificate and permanent record!

    He ruined it for me when he explained cause he seems very fearful but its probably because his daddy is the famous b ball player and hes supposed to be an heir to that throne…and we all know how homophobic the world of athleticism can be.

    He shouldve left it at thats my brother for the public and left them to ponder on their own. People hate it when you make them think. Ignorance is just so comfortable..having to figure things out on their own is just too hard. They’d explode in suspense.

    1. ^^^THIS. He’s my brother & leave it be. If you’re truly comfortable w/your manhood, why go through all that explanation? In fact, who leaked the picture? You tryna to generate interest for another season of Baldwin Hills? Mayne, saddown.

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