Blake Griffin Forgot What A Condom Was; Got For Eighteen Years

0923-blake-griffin-brynn-cameron-getty-3Former USC basketball star Brynn Cameron has an eye for athletic sperm. You may recall she had a baby with NFL QB Matt Leinart. Well guess whose baby she just had … that would be Clippers superstar Blake Griffin!

TMZ has learned … Brynn and Blake are now the proud parents of Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, who was born August 1st. The birth certificate lists Brynn as the mother and Blake Austin Griffin as the daddy.

As for the child she had with her baby daddy Matt, 6-year-old Cole lives primarily with her and we’re told she’s getting a boatload of child support — we know she was getting $15k a month.

Brynn and Blake were dating, and apparently it went well for a while — or for at least one night.

she is a baller wolf baby mama pro!
two child supports checks coming in.
one seed by a nfl wolf.
another by a nba wolf.
is she going for the mlb next?
aaahhh the joys of having a vagina.
ya know i had high hopes for blake.
too bad.

tumblr_lwg5pmGVcS1qzjix8 who knew snow bunnies could be so messy?

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Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Blake Griffin Forgot What A Condom Was; Got For Eighteen Years”

  1. Oh, the lure of the p!@#y. Men have been acting stupid over sex since the Bible days of Sampson and Deliah and up through Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and beyond. I’m not a betting man but I’d bet you that some man is acting stupid over sex as I write and as you read this.

    One thing to note: Condoms are not 100% effective when used correctly. They are only about 90% -95% effective when used correctly. They tear and come off all too often. Those using condoms for birth control should be advised to also use a barrier form of birth control–like contraceptive foam or a diaphram–in addition to the condom. There is a name for those who do no follow that advice: parents!

  2. Wow, why are they not dragging this woman up and down like they would a black woman who would have pulled something similar, this world will never change on how they perceive different races of women. How is she any different from any of the B-Ball wives, and these groupies on Baller Alert, or these other reality shows, only difference is she is a snow vixen, and the killing part is she is probably not done, there are probably rappers and other NFL players who will still try to get with her, and get her more money. Im sure the reality show producers are waiting to sign her up as we speak.

    1. They would be calling her all types of hoes and sluts if she was black.When they’re white, fucking athletes and having babies is called a life investment.When your black it’s called being a jump-off.

      They’re all hoes to me though, no matter what color so I’m living Martin Luther’s dream.

      Yes, there will be dudes(dumb ass dudes) still trying to get with her.She’ll probably have about 1 more baby with a rich dude.3 big child support checks coming monthly.It’s a Holy Trinity.Plus, if one dad doesn’t pay then you can depend on the other one to.Not only that but you can more out of one than the other, either way, your set for life and get to lay on your back doing nothing, which is what you did to get there in the first place.

      LOL I kind of sounded like those skanks at baller alert in that paragraph.

      One more thing, Blake is attractive and then he’s not.He looks weird to me.He kind of looks like his dad would be a black albino but I know he’s not an albino.What makes Blake attractive is his athletic prowess.If he wasn’t famous I don’t think I’d look twice at him, besides to admire his body and stature.

      And… that baby is gonna be straight up white.

      1. You are so true! These guys are so stupid and do not realize that the average white woman is looking at ways to get what they want out of them and that is $$$$ and will get a baby just to get it!!!

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