“Exposing All The Gay Gospel Artists”, The New Music Video On Billboard 200.

Silk+screen+exposed+Logo+headeralleged gay gospel artists?
total shocker in 2013.
so vix-bi y colette has a video to show us from mr. obnoxious.
its a “hot” new song called,
“aahaa i said it”.
artist: no name.
no seriously there is no name.
apparently it’s callin out supposed gay gospel artists.
again: total shocker?
is this billboard 200 bound?…

tumblr_lhrw9jeJ6j1qhxr17o1_400i’mmmmmmmm…. confused with this video.
why was it badly made in imovie tho?
is this callin gay gospel artists out
…or is this the work of a homophobe?
that over use of the “f” word was annoying as well.
this whole thing gets a “womp womp”.
although judging from the pictures in that video…
look the church can have the best drugs and sex.
you haven’t had fun until you did it with a d/l  church wolf.
…oh and the vixens of the church?
95% reformed hoes waiting for the right wolf.

lowkey: church folks can’t really talk negative about gays anymore.
they all seem to be getting exposed now that social media is here to stay.

story found: mr. obnoxious
video found on: youtube

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on ““Exposing All The Gay Gospel Artists”, The New Music Video On Billboard 200.”

  1. All Black Christian should be aware that these counterfeit Christians represent a powerful network within black church circles who are using the church as a career tool to control gospel music and make their circle of power rich. More importantly, they have access to tens of thousands of African American Christian youth. They pose a clear and present danger to African American Christian culture.

  2. All people have strongholds who are we to judge read John 3:16 at least there spreading the gospel

  3. Well thank God you don’t have to struggle with whatever those who you judge are struggling with. No, I don’t support homosexuality. I believe God’s Word and I believe He will deliver those who truly desire. I’ve never had to struggle with my sexuality, but I don’t believe in what you’re doing. God wants us to pray for deliverance of our brothers and sisters and stand on the truth. Jesus won us over through His love. God is not looking down on you smiling and saying “Well done”. I pray that God shows you how to express your views through love. When I heard the very first line of your words, I muted my pad. Try God’s way.

  4. Outing people is the new thing in 2013.Who cares that you may be destroying their careers and personal life.

    I would hate to be outed and then have to deal with the awkwardness of approaching my family.I’d probably be on suicide watch.I know all the shit my family talks about gay family members when they’re not around so I’ll probably never be out to them.It’ll take a hell of a man to get me to do that.

  5. Now I have seen some messy shit on these Internets, but this right here takes the cake, candles, and frosting. This was some extra homophobic shit, and Im surprised that record labels, or executives havent called for this to be pulled, and GLAAD is not circling the wagons with protest, oops, I forgot it just black gospel artist so I guess no ones cares. This was very mean spirited and hateful as well it seems to be a good case for libel, but Im sure the person who recorded it has nothing and is just using this to come up. I dont see this being around for very long, and OAN, I was very surprised myself with a few names on there, after watching this, who sings gospel who is straight is more a question that needs to be asked if was to believe all these dudes were gay, but hey the artist who recorded this may know more than I do. Still this was tacky and Im sure the Sandra Rose and Lipstick Alley vixen crowd are eating it up like the high calorie snacks they are so fond of.

  6. Looks like someone had time on their hands to expose the obvious. Maybe he tried to holla at some of them and got bitter with rejection

  7. lol the funny part NONE of these brothas surprised me and honestly WHO CARES..i agree with you 100% Jamari and i feel that in this digital age EVERYONE is becoming increasingly concerned with ‘exposing gays’a dn etc

    1. God cares because homosexuality is a sin and an abomination to God. God loves everyone and He is not willing that anyone should perish. God does not want false Prophets deceiving the entire world and leading anyone to hell.

      Jesus laying down his life for our sins was not in vain and no one who calls themself a Minister of God should be unrighteous and glorifying their unrighteousness like it’s the right thing to do. God said to expose the unfruitful works of darkness. Aids is not in God’s plan either.

      These men are being a stumbling block to someone’s salvation and no one who is truly of God would ever try to justify an UnGodly lifestyle that can cause others to perish. When you say ‘Who cares’ it’s the same as saying “they’re leading the lost to hell. So What! Just let them go!” That’s not God’s plan and I’m grateful to Jesus for not leaving me in that predicament. None of us could handle 5 seconds of hell and I’m certainly not about to condone these ‘preachers’ encouraging folks to go there.

      1. So are a lot of other sins. Read Proverbs and you will see other sins that are considered “abominations” to God.

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