Damn Wendy Let Breezy Wolf Have It.

JetCoverUPC_zpsb14689f5you know when wendy talks,
we all listen.
she isn’t one to bite her tongue period.
well she had to land into breezy wolf for what he said about jay z in the newest jet.
he said:

“No disrespect, because I’m a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that [Jay Z] stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass.”

lawd help him.
well she addressed it and him on her show today…

tumblr_mgly5wRjRd1qakskdo1_500i like breezy wolf and all,
but he was way out of line for that jay z comment.
plus he has a lot of nerve compared to his resume.

breezy wolf constantly does dumb shit.
jay z knows how to control his image to be likeable.
maybe he shoulda been kissin white babies too.
so yeah i detect no lies in wendy’s assessment.

4 thoughts on “Damn Wendy Let Breezy Wolf Have It.

  1. Chris is sad because he thought his light skin would give him a pass in life like it did when he wasn’t famous.It struck him deep that they’re treating him like a black dude and not a mulatto.If the media was controlled by black people, they would’ve coddled him and never brought up his past again, sort of like what they’re doing.It’s funny because right before the incident, I was reading an interview and Chris was kind of hinting that he wasn’t black/didn’t consider himself black.He kept saying he was part Native American.Now though, he’s black.

    I’m sure it was a shock to Tiger Woods to.They learn the hard way that once you mess up, your out of their special club and they just consider you a low down dirty nigga.Then us black people are here to lift them back up and worship them after they dissed us, even though we were the reason for their fame in the first place.

  2. I agree with Chris to some extent about Mr. Carter, I have little respect for him, but thats my personal opinion and at the end of the day, it will still not excuse Chris Brown bad behavior, unfortunely, he is going to learn that black artist dont get chance after chance to keep messing up like Robert Downey Jr, or a Lindsay Lohan. It is what it is, at the rate he is going, he is going to be playing in Casinos very soon, if he does not get his shit together. His team sucks ass and all need to be fired because under their direction he is on his way to washed up status. I know Wendy is good at what she does, but I really dont care for her and her opinions much either because she is not fair in her assessments and seems to enjoy throwing black artist under the bus, granted she throws other races under there too, but she has always seemed extra hard on Chris Brown. I really like Chris Brown as a young person, I can take or leave his music, but I root for all our young artist to be better and set better examples, and I hope he can turn it around before its too late.

  3. The Man i agree 100% and i’m a fan of his dearly BUT he needs to GROW UP!!! he’s bringing up his troubled past more then people are he keeps entertaining the SAME nonsense so what does he expect? the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results..I’ll pray for him seriously…SN: i <3 Jay-Z also!!!

  4. Now that she is done I can go in. Chris Brown is a little boy in a grown man’s body who needs to know his place. Jay Z is a legend, Chris is not, and I’m not sure if he will go down as one if he continues this act the way he does. Jay Z is established, he is the late years of his career, and is doing other things to get money because he has a good image. Jay Z made his mark when Chris was in middle school, and he hasn’t sold drugs since Chris was a toddler maybe before then. Instead of throwing shade at Jay Z, he should be asking him to mentor him so he can get his old image back. His current image is terrible, from his attitude to his tats.The last time I checked R&B singers are not supposed to be tatted like that, and if they are the tats aren’t supposed as dumb and childish as his. Ask Neyo, Miguel or Trey Songz. Trey had his before fame, and hasn’t got none since. I think his team recommended that he didn’t get any more because of the image he has to sell, not sure tho but it’s likely. Trey’s tats are positive, but still it’s not good to be tatted up as a singer. What does Chris look like singing with tattoos all over his body? He looks like a thug on crack.

    He better focus on the sales of that album that has been pushed back. That was a sign that things aren’t going well. The songs are getting older and older and the people are going to lose interest by November 19. Fine China came out in March, and that is already old in a way. His last album sales were average, and it was because of his image. One day he is good, the next day he is bad. He even has me on the fence at times. Graffiti did poor when it was released in 2009 and I think we know why. People were still angry. Image is everything in the industry, and Chris will never understand that. Like I said before, he will be done by 30.

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