Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 8.48.31 AMso everyone remembers lonnie wilborn right?
better know as: body_by_lonnie.
well i saw his pictures everyone on tumblr and didn’t know what meat locker he came from.
the f-bi quickly let me know and i’m forver grateful.
well lonnie is a personal trainer.
a real one from what i can tell.
not one of these instagram dumb asses wth muscles.
he has his own business named bbl fit.
he seems to take his craft pretty serious as well…

good morning.
lonnie is straight and has a beautiful daughter.
win for my vixen readers.
that doesn’t mean the foxhole can’t look at him.
he seems pretty down to earth so you can acquire work out advice.
PLEASE don’t embarrass the foxhole acting like a thirst bucket in his comment box.
that is grounds for automatic termination.

lowkey: i may have to ask him some questions about my upcoming work out regiment.
lonnie hit my contact.

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4 thoughts on “BREAKFAST MEAT: REHEAT (422)

  1. I have seen this dude countless times on so many Tumblr blogs and always wondered who he was. Wow so many gorgeous dudes and so little time. This one is a winner. Go Lonnie.

  2. That was an overload of pics right there lol. WHEW! I like Lonnie. It does look like he’s serious about working out. I’d hire him.

    Who says he’s straight? LOL. I had to say it.

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