Beyonce + GaGa = Fail.

What the…?


“Absolutely dreadful.”

What the hell was that?

I do not even see the “Video Phone” in question.
I see a “visual headache” and a “lack of ideas” though.
Nice colors and of course, Beyonce looks beautiful.
Not for nothing, but the video was a cleverly disguised strip tease with water guns.

They hyped this collab and video up and it BOMBED, in my opinion.
Nothing about it “got me“.
I’m not the biggest B fan but she could have came harder than this.
GaGa is way too toned down from her usual.
She almost looked out out of place.

I know how the Beyonce stans are.
Believe me,
I nearly got jumped by a couple.

She is The Blood Of The Lamb and must be worshipped.

Not by this Fox.
I thought it was visual crap.

Had to get that off my spirit.

Here is some left tit bouncing for all my straight readers who want to jerk off tonight.

Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Beyonce + GaGa = Fail.”

  1. Honestly I don’t even like the song … I think Beyonce has become allergic to real work. On the brighter side of road kill a*k*a the Video Phone Remix … Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” ft. Beyonce is wayyyy hotter ! ( No video to date on this single though)

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