Big Belly. Big Mouth. Small Peen.

That’s right.
They make me sick!!

But when you mix a little dick with a cocky nigga,
then you have a trip to the emergency room.

Why oh why oh why are niggas who are cocky always lacking in some department?

Like this young man for example.

His name is Aaron Reid.
I dunno if you heard of him.
I havent… but when I went to do some reasearch (the crafty little Fox I am),
I found out his only claim to relevance is “My Super Sweet Sixteen“.


Plus he is L.A Reid’s son.

But, some female blasted him on another website….

” I want to stay anonymous, but i met Aaron Reid recently in Miami. I know you may have some sort of connect on him, but anywayyzz…… He was cocky as hell, but i still agreed to have sex with him. After 10 minutes he was out and left me disappointed!!!!!!! So PLEASE put this asshole on BLASST!!!! Attached is a pic of his LITTLE wee wee hanging out his PJ’s!!!!

Ms. Anonymous”

I’ll get to the toodler penis in just a sec…..

But, first and foremost,
why did you fuck him knowning he was oh so cocky?
He obviously turned you off so,
why did you agree to do it?
Was this a female singer, trying to fuck her way to top?
Hoping dealing with his Jiggly Puff looking ass was the best option?

She should feel some kind of way because he caught his nut and was fast sleep.

You shouldn’t throw stones when you agreed to bone people.

he looks like a walking land whale.

…. There will be no third.

I’ll say this to my dudes out there.
All the sex talk and dick talk….
Talking all this jibba jabba on Twitter about how good your sex game is….

Just know there is something called:


and it can be used against you…. in cases like this.

Mad she caught him while he was laid OUT!
With the little Sweet 6″ Peen stick out…..

LOL Oh shit.

How did it even fit?

On that note…

Later Foxes.

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