Devin, Baby…

We need to talk.

I am writing you a letter because I have been rather dissapointed with your…. performance.

We need to 1 and 1 about some things.

What is this?

The mohawk went out along time ago.
The DYED mohawk went out forever.

Get rid of it.

But the real reason for this sudden letter is how bad your team has been losing.
WTF is going on?
I support ya’ll you 110% but this losing streak has got to stop.

It is bringing us you way down.
And I cannot have that happen,
especially to someone I put in “Daddy” status.

I bet your performance in pipe laying is ten times more correct.
Believe me,
I want to know.

(OD off track)

So, anyway, I don’t know how you guys are going to do it but
do it quick!


And don’t hold your head down boo.
Pick it up and get back into high spirits.

Do NOT make me write you again.
I better see a win next time you guys play.

I know you see me looking at other dudes.
And yes,
I have flirted but believe you me,
you are the only one who holds the crown.

Well, you and Trey Songz.
He is just a jump off that decided to stick around…..

“I was just fuckin’ those bois,
I would be right back…” – Jay, Song Cry.

Stay Sexy.
– F0x.


I do not know him.
But I sure do want too.

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