Between A Rock And His Hard Place

rock-and-a-hard-placea little something an f-bi just sent me.
guess who…

“all you have to do is climb inside.”
that’s what he said.
apparently they have been friends for a while.
they both from the south.
both rappers.
baby mama drama.
she should’ve known better.
he had her waiting for an hour while he was getting some guud pipe.
can’t you believe that?
the other left his baby mama for another’s goodies.
does the new one know?
when he late for her party,
does he tell her where he has been?
who he has been in?
i guess he is smashin’ them at the same damn time.
i can’t foretell the future,
but if everything i’m hearing is true,
someone is about to get a karate chop.

-all alleged.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Between A Rock And His Hard Place

      1. ^future got me in that ciara video.
        i saw it and was like,
        oh ok…
        i can work with that.

        when he looked at her and licked his lips.

        … then she had to use that “my boo” sample.
        how dare she make me stan for her real quick!?

      2. Nah I haven’t Stan for ciara since ’06 but I think she’s gonna have a comeback this yr. I’m happy for her, she seems like she’s in a good space. And when that camera cut to future and he kicked his lips, my body cried a little.

  1. future – sexy? correct me but is future not the guy who says ” i dont wanna give u the wrong impression i need love and affection” song? I mean show me a pic so i can veriffy who thos future guy is

  2. It is Future. But it isn’t a big deal because Ciara is a bisexual woman who dates bisexual men. She does somewhat of a will and jada thing but nobody finds out. Nobody finds it odd that every man she’s dates except Amare has been rumored to get down, case and point Miss bow wow, and fifty. Also a little birds told me her and Keri Hilson are former lovers, that would explain a lot about that beef btw them. Beleve me, she is aware of his actions, and he of hers. there an handsome couple tho,That’s all.

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