“…Besides Your Baby Dick, You are GREAT!”

First impressions mean a lot.

When you meet someone for the first time,
what do you pay attention to?
No, I don’t mean their wardrobe, Foxtail, Pipe Print, or their looks this go round.
You should be paying attention to everything else….

They say you can judge a book by its cover.
Well, when you strip off that cover, you are left with the contents.
Some books are deep and insightful.
Others are funny and keep you laughing.
And the rest are just fillers who sit on shelves and will be over looked.

Same with people who you come in contact with.
What is the contents underneath that person?
Right away you should be able to tell.


Are they naturally quiet?
Are they observing around them before they get comfortable?

Do they talk about EVERYONE, including people you do not know?
Are they attention seekers?
Do they naturally draw people to them?
Do they talk like a “user”?
Are they always complaining?
Is their general attitude intimidating?
Do they have an attitude problem?
Or, is their face being used as a defense mechanism?
Are they humble?
Or, do they think they got it like that?

… important things you need to know.
Also, YOU need to do some self re-evaluation.
We naturally think we are ALL that with no flaws.
You will be surprised how others view you in your natural habitat.
You could be potentially turning people off with something you do that you are not aware of.
And a Fox/Wolf NEVER wants to do that.
Always do a self-evaluation every month to see where you are in your growth.

So with that being said…

How do you think YOU come off to other people?

And be honest with yourself.
Only person you are lying to, is you.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on ““…Besides Your Baby Dick, You are GREAT!””

    1. ^I am kinda the same with.
      I get intimidated by Wolves I am attracted too…
      …so I kind of become quiet and shy.

      To them, it may come off standoffish.
      Which is why I am working on that now because I see that has been a problem for a while.
      So I do the same thing I do with Vixens with any dude

  1. I was talking to a guy friend the other dy and he said if he didnt know me and had just met me that within five minutes he would think I was a whore, that he could definitely hit it tonight, and that I probably like to party! Its because I’m a super extrovert and love to talk about sex… So I decided to work on that!

    1. Isn’t Vernon rumored to be a Fox anyway?

      I probably come off as aloof or stand-offish to people I don’t know, mainly because I’m introverted & I don’t make a lot of effort to talk to people I don’t know. However, I’m pretty jokey & outgoing if I know you well – sarcastic, funny, etc. So people don’t tend to believe me when I say I’m shy sometimes cuz they see the side I let out when I’m comfortable. *shrug*

      I doubt my co-workers know too much about me at all, cuz I joke but keep to myself mostly…

  2. People have told me I come off sneaky, like that I’m up to something. I just laugh so hard becuase I’m not sneaky. I am a very good and nice person, I guess its becase I smile a lot. But the funniest dumb things about our lifestyle is the stupidity of how someone is suppose to act.

    I often call us the abuse bunch because if someone who is nice and is interested in you is the one you ignore and the one that pays you no attention is the one you chase. Thats is the biggest oxymoron. But I relate that to myself, if it looks nice and too good to be true you stay away but if its emotional abusive and bad for you, you go for it. The world may never know why we do this..

  3. Perception Varies Depending on my Setting
    But so does my personality
    I’ll focus on new situations…
    Males I like:
    Warm, Forward, Interested (eye contact & smiling), if physical contact is made (i.e. hug or hand shake) I make sure its strong but not aggressive), Intelligent/Encouraging conversation (making support a clear personality trait) & so on
    For some reason the hybrid really comes out & I’m ever the more outgoing. I don’t understand it at all. High-Maintenance, More Effeminate, Funny w/ Quick Whit, my interests even shift leaning for toward Fashion, Hair, Make-Up lol even domestic things like Cooking.

    Its extremely odd to me and I hate being like that because I don’t want to be a token/cliche gay. I don’t know, any thoughts Jamari?

    1. ^if that is who you are,
      Then that is you…
      So if that is how you come off,
      You can either accept it OR you can change it.
      But changing it means changing you and being a version of someone you are not.

      So if that is you,
      Make sure that YOU is positive and the damn sexiest you that you will be.

  4. I vary for each person. To most black men: the quiet weird guy in the corner. To black women: the one gay guy that’s not like the other ones. To white people I’m just the non “ghetto” black person.

  5. A lot of people say that when they first met me, they couldn’t figure me out at all and that I was so mysterious. I actually like it though, it keeps people interested and wanting to know more about me.

      1. Your welcome, I love ya blog. I’ve been a faithful reader since early this year and finally realized I should be commenting on a lot of your post…LoL

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