Aunt Mary Gon’ Cry At The End of Every Month

well i’m baffled.
it looks like kendu,
aunt mary’s “hyena of a ex husband”,
is about to be on a nice vacation.
auntie has to pay him spousal support.
guess who much she has to pay him via tmz

Mary J. Blige is gonna have to cough up some emergency relief dough to her estranged husband while their divorce plays out, but he’s gotta be disappointed by how much he’s getting.

A judge has ordered Mary to pay Martin Isaacs $30,000 per month in temporary spousal support. Big number, no doubt, but way less than what he requested$129,319 per month.

The court found Martin was entitled to some dough to accommodate the standard of living he was used to while married to Mary, but also decided his dream number was unreasonable.ย 

Mary will also have to pay retroactive spousal support dating back to Septemberand his attorney fees — that comes to $235k.

One last interesting note … the court says Mary and Martin were living beyond their means during their marriage and still have millions of dollars to pay back in taxes.

how did heย finagle this?
wasn’t he allegedly cheating on her?
30k a month a nice chunk of change yearly.
this is a strong lesson in dating down foxhole.
now that the gays can get married,
that means spousal support is a “thing”.
so if you make more money than your “hyena of a ex husband”…

…i couldn’t do it.

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Aunt Mary Gon’ Cry At The End of Every Month”

  1. And Mo’Nique is next! Her controlling ass manger/husband has help to get her Blackballed, and when the checks stop coming the marriage falls on life support.

    As for Mary, how is she gon pay that when she’s broke as a bag of potatoes chips? She has tax liens and all kinds of drama. Poor thang ๐Ÿ˜—

    1. Mary is worth $20 million dollars. Though it isn’t FAIR at all that she has to pay this man $30k per month, she certainly has the income to do so. The judgment is also TEMPORARY. She will not be forking this money over monthly for the rest of their natural lives.

      1. That’s on paper! How much does she ACTUALLY have?! Remember, she owes the IRS MILLIONS.

  2. That’s just a lazy person’s way of getting paid to do absolutely nothing. He saw Mary as an opportunity and he made his move, successfully.

      1. That’s what many guys and girls do, say and do whatever it takes to get what they want out of a relationship. People like this make it hard for the ones who are genuine, because they will be questioned for their actions, words, whatever…all due to mistrust.

        I don’t believe Kendu loved Mary. Mary was his meal-ticket. He knew if he stayed with her, more than likely he would get alimony, because she was the breadwinner…he was the “manager”. He knew what she was making because he more than likely made the deals for her.

        Crazy part is that even though she has to pay Uncle Sam millions, he was still looking to get $100+K a month. That’s dirty.

  3. This is some BULLSHIT! Kendu is a snake, a fraud, and a pussy! Prenuptials are KING! Love fades. Make a way of escape BEFORE you’re in too deep. Kendu needs to really go away now ๐Ÿ‘

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