RIP James Hardy

true story,
but i legit thought about him the other day.
i have this strange thing that when someone randomly crosses my mind,
i’m going to see them pretty soon.
well i didn’t think i’d see ex nfl baller wolf,
james hardy,
like this!
everyone say goodbye to james…

The Allen County Coroner’s Office confirmed that a body found in a Fort Wayne river is that of 31-year-old James Hardy.

Police and rescue crews responded to a report of a body in the Maumee River at the Hosey Dam on Wednesday, WANE reports. An employee with the city’s water filtration plant was making his regular rounds when he made the discovery. Hardy’s cause and manner of death are still pending at this time.

According to TMZ, Hardy was committed to a state mental institution in 2014 after he was arrested for attacking several officers in Los Angeles.

i am shocked af.
i wonder if he committed suicide?
did he jump in and drown?
i don’t know what to think.
they said he was allegedly in the water for several days.
he has been allegedly missing since may 30th.
he also dated toya carter on her short lived reality show.

very sad.
toya been losing folks around her left and right.
what’s going on with her?
i hope they get some kind of answers soon.

may he rip.
he was 31.

article cc: fox59

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “RIP James Hardy”

  1. Toya may have that Kardashian curse vibe….Check IG for Jalen Rose’s comments regarding the Kardashians.

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