August Alsina Isn’t Having Sex Right Now

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.50.23 PMhis lips.
august alsina been trying to make me think he “crutes” or something.
he ain’t slick cause it ain’t working!
…i think.
anyway so remember that entry about august ( x putting some vixen’s cervix in a body bag )?
well he had an interview with 106kmel where he addressed the accusations…


  • not getting sued by the hoe
  • acts coy about if he smashed the hoe
  • ain’t sexin right now with any hoes
  • his penis is big enough for these hoes
  • may last long with a hoe / may “hit it and quit it” with a hoe
  • could hurt a hoe if he puts a good beatin on it
  • is gentle on sexin these hoes







4b4dbbde691ededa59febc30989d694e.”hi august…”
naw i’m playing…
i think.

lowkey: whats with hat hood and glasses?
who was he hidin from?

oh he remixed “no love” with nicki minaj:

allegedly word through the foxvine is he is smashing nicki minaj.
now that i don’t believe.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “August Alsina Isn’t Having Sex Right Now”

  1. August is my man. His personality makes me like him even more. Damn man, I could love on that dude forever.

  2. both the so called DJs wanted to get his ass in bed..they had their pussies all over their forehead…unprofessional hoes…and he is just sitting there absorbing all that filth..when you are young and immature all this shit happens

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