Lets Get On Damon Rhodes

damonrhodeslut1remember ^this picture?
the one that had everyone going nuts?
no pun intended.
well an f-bi also remembered as well.
he sent me the dossier on the wolf in the shot.
everyone meet damon rhodes

1530497_680929718614194_1301251987_ndamon is an aspiring model,
and health and fitness motivator wolf who hails from md.
the dossier also came with pictures.
we love those:

tumblr_llbgdqOA7m1qda5aflook into my eyes damon….
look deep into my eyes…
from what my f-bi was telling me,
he allegedly also doesn’t mess with the aggressive.
he likes something a lot softer.
with a smart ass mouth as well.
allegedly this has all the attentionistos mad because no pipe will be given 2 them.
aww too bad.
damon also has a calender for 2014,
as well as other products for sale regarding his brand.
you should check it out.
now i may not be damon’s type,
but i wouldn’t kick him out of a work out…

9029593…so he can cum right on in.

lowkey: he has phone holders with his face on it for sale.
clearly he really loves himself.
that could be a good and bad thing.

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other pictures courtesy: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Lets Get On Damon Rhodes

    1. So he gets down. He likes them soft though, which is characteristic that does not describe me one bit. Most likely he’s a fellow Wolf.

  1. I’m a close source and that sexual preference information is false. The person who provided this information does not know Damon well.

    1. Well the person above said they used to talk….so idk. I am going to say this though. Sometimes gay men are undetectable to other gay men.Take it from me, I go unseen like casper the ghost. I be sliding right under noses.

  2. That guy all over him in the collage has him afraid. Look at his face. lol These queens do too much

  3. We use to talk back in the day and I wanted that dick so BAD!!!!!! Didn’t happening but I will try again now!!!!!

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