asian doll thinks indian food looks nasty and it had folks upset

most of us have gotten really sensitive in the forests these days.
its gonna get to the point we can’t say a thing.
to me,
it creates a fake way to live but not everyone thinks like me.
rap vixen,
asian doll,
has people upset with something she tweeted.
she went to an indian restaurant and this is what her fingers said…


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What’s the issue?

if she thinks the food looks nasty then it looks nasty.
she could have worded it better,
but look at how she tweets.
did we expect any better?

that is her opinion too.
i think cow nose,
and all that other nonsense folks eat from the caribbean is gross af.
i’m from barbados and i’ll say it out loud.
i really don’t care.

i think folks need to stop patroling everything that makes THEM feel a certain way.
folks force others to apologize for their opinions,
but you do realize that their minds don’t stop working.
just because someone said sorry,
that doesn’t mean they are truly sorry.

i hate when folks force racists or homophobes to apologize.
they’re only apologizing to make others feel better.
so i’ll ask the foxhole…

Was Asian Doll wrong for tweeting what she wrote?

lowkey: it’s way too easy to get canceled these days.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “asian doll thinks indian food looks nasty and it had folks upset”

  1. She is allowed her opinion, but I think we have to be mindful when talking about things associated with the culture of other people.

  2. She is a Black Woman named “Asian Doll”!!!.(smh)

    Layers of Ignorance!!!!! I don’t have the patience .

    $10 bet she doesn’t realize that Indians are Asian.
    Was confused on why these Indians don’t live on a reservations
    Has no idea what a Native American is
    Saw nothing wrong with her post .

    1. Your entire point was irrelevant not sure why you did that entire mini rant just to say you saw nothing wrong in her post. Her name has nothing to do with with the fact that something doesn’t look appealing to her like come on. Your profile name is “black is beautiful” and you are tearing down a black person the hypocrisy, the fraudulence, the irony

      1. I said what I said. This is a COMMENT SECTION and I merely voiced my opinion .Which I am entitled to.
        I was purposely being sarcastic. If she is going to live her life vicariously through social media, she is fodder for such responses. No matter what you think of me I am smart enough to not argue or call anyone else on here ” Irrelevant” I have no idea who you are and you don’t know who I am .Lets keep it civil and stay focused on the Story(smile).

        P.S. I am Black and Beautiful.

        Please stay safe and I wish you well,

  3. All cultures have some foods that look nasty but taste good. However Many indians /asians grew up having their food made fun of as kids in north american and had to grow into being proud of it/and then everyone loving it. She has zero right to make a statement like this Not being indian—-even more ignorant then her stupid name. ( asian here)

  4. What she said is not wrong. In fact she said it as clean as she could have. She didn’t say ALL INDIAN FOOD is nasty, she said she was at the restaurant and the food looks nasty. That’s her right and opinion to say that. It wasn’t meant to be racist or anything else. That is something she is putting in her body and if she says its nasty, whoever feels that was disrespectful, turn on Jazmine Sullivan and don’t forget to pick up your feelings. I think Tripe is nasty just by the way it looks, did that offend you? It’s some black people who can’t stand the look, smell or even look at chitlins from Aunt Bessie’s, Uncle Lou’s or the Red Pail. I wouldn’t apologize.

    1. She is giving her opinion but we should be mature about our views. Canceling people is stupid and will harm society more than help.

    2. You are right Johnny. The thing is her education level shows in her posting. This is when people mature and get somebody to handle their social media for different reasons. Why does she have to be sensitive about what she posts, if that’s the case, she wouldn’t have a career. Her name is Asian Doll but they are offended because she said the food she is about to eat is nasty, make that make sense.

  5. Well, in that case, let’s talk about how it’s silly of her to be named Asian doll and she’s not Asian? Right! She can have an opinion on whatever she wants, but if an Indian person said the same thing about “Oxtails, Soulfood, etc” we would have a field day.

    At the end of the day, she’s a product of limited exposure into other cultures and a few other things, so we can only get so vexed about it.

    1. If anybody said the same thing about black food nobody will be upset get real. As black people we say ourself when that one family member can’t cook and the food look nasty like y’all making a life out of something that doesn’t need living

      1. If somebody who wasn’t black American said that food at a black American restaurant looked nasty there will be some uproar. If somebody from Uganda or China tweeted that I’m sure there will be some people who feel a way. Let’s be real about it.

        There’s a difference between a person critiquing their own native food versus an outsider/foreigner doing it. People get sensitive about this kind of stuff

  6. Any black person who names themselves “Asian” is an uncultured, hood rat guttersnipe at best. The irony of it all. Indians ARE ASIAN LMAO! Her entire public image is a self-drag.

    B**ches like her, Mulatto and all of these other new rap chicks are making our (my) generation look stupid! Who picked these chicks up from the street and gave them careers? Because ch..

    Furthermore, many of the people who cosigned her are the same people who would scream “racism!” if an “other” criticized traditional Black American dishes. She doesn’t have to like it however what was the point of stating that it looked “nasty” on the internet?

    What was the reason?? Cardi B voice

    If anything it just highlights her ignorance. I have a low-tolerance for the stubborn ratchets anyway. And I’m not “team Indian” I just hate blatant ignorance. Maybe because I have “foreign black” parents so maybe that’s why I was unsettled by the tweet shrug

  7. Like others have said, the issue is that if an Indian posted that while sitting at ‘Big Mama’s Soul Food’, black ppl would be up in arms. Black ppl swear they’re the only ones who can be on the receiving end of culturally offensive/sensitive language/behavior… smh

    That said, she’s another bird ass, hoodrat, so you get what you pay for…

  8. I can’t imagine a white woman called african doll posting that she’s at a nigerian restaurant and everything look nasty and people saying it’s just an opinion

    Let’s do better.

    what she said was dumb and disrespectful we all know that, we don’t have to defend everything because it’s a black person vs another race/culture. wrong is wrong

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