another meltdown for (mi)

mi had another meltdown last night.
mi is a family member of mine i have written about before.
her aunt called me and broke the news this afternoon.
she had to be put into an institution again,
only this time,
she will be in there for 2 months apparently…

as i was told,
mi was diagnosed with bpd and schizophrenia,
along with being bipolar.
mi went bat shit crazy,
was running through the street half naked,
and had to be dragged back to her aunt’s house.
when she got there,
she was crying uncontrollably and talking to the tv.
she was saying how she was raped by a family friend,
how i treated her bad and threw her out of my apartment,
and that no one is there for her.
it was a scene.
they had to call the police on her because of how she was acting.
she has meds she is supposed to take and she refuses.
all she does is hang with the wrong company,
run these streets,
and drink/smokes all the time.
she is so concerned with jailbirds than her own well being.
that bad part is her aunt is sick and needs a transplant.
she shouldn’t be running behind her especially during the rona.

i know i’m estranged from mi,
but i can’t help but feel sad for her.
this should not be her life,
but we all have to accept that she has lost her mind.
she needs to stay in that institution for more than 6 months,
but i doubt that will even happen.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “another meltdown for (mi)”

  1. Mental illness is a sad situation to witness for not only the person with the illness but for members who are caregivers. it leaves one with a sense of helplessness. Hope she will get the support she needs

  2. I’m glad she’s off the streets. Someone like her is a real danger to society and herself. It’s just sad to know alot of people with mental illness live on the street 24/7 and don’t get help.
    I hope and pray she will get the right type of helpπŸ™

  3. My birth mom is in the same boat. She’s been good for a year now but I always brace for the call that always comes that she’s had a relapse. Its an awful place to be. Pray for her and keep your distance.

  4. Jamari, maybe once she is on her meds, you can try to facetime her? You could reach out that way. And tell her your fears about Covid-19 without directly addressing her actions so maybe she’d see you’re worried about your aunt’s health, etc

  5. Jamari she is toxic. I’m so glad she is out of your house. Pray for her. She is where she can get help your aunt and you can’t give her. One day, if God wills, she will appreciate your tough love. Until then, live your life well Jamari.

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