the positive break up video of mj harris and corey slauson

so let’s spin this in a positive way,
shall we?
i’m all about an oprah master class moment.
so i wrote a past entry about mj harris and corey slauson.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but they were going through relationship woes due to corey’s need for relationship freedom
corey wanted to fuck as many as possible; mj wanted something more exclusive.
( x see that entry here )
mj and corey have since broken up and mj filmed corey moving out.
this is a clip i saw on twitter…

here is the full video:

the positive side is they both realized that they aren’t compatible.
mj is going to find another male that will satisfy his needs and wants.
corey will also look for the same as well.
this video signified that they are both okay with moving on.
we realize in dating that someone isn’t the one for us and that’s okay.
there are plenty of other males out here looking for someone like you.
is that positive enough?
lets get into the negative.

When he turned around and Corey said “hey”,
I lost it.
When MJ whispered “I’m telling them whats going on…”,
i lost it x 2.

…why does an audience need to know this information?
folks on social media need to keep their relationships between them.
once you put it out there,
even if the whole relationship is lie,
you have to keep the charade going.
if you gonna tell the world every single detail of your relationships,
including the messy break up,
then get even more messy and tell us

…Who you fuckin or have fucked,
who had good dick/pussy/ass/all,
and all the dirty details of the sex ya’ll had.

some of these folks have fucked some real “damn how you bagged him?!?!“.
if you’ll keep that kind of information quiet,
then your relationships should be that low too.
when i get into my next relationship,
when i’m happy,
there will be nothing to font about besides how he’s re-arranging my guts.

if we are dealing with some shit,
i’ll blog for opinions and not to flex.
i love the foxhole,
but you’ll never know who he is.
my friends may not either.
there is a way to showcase you are with someone without being extra.
s’all i’m saying.
hmm maybe this all turned out positive after all.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

39 thoughts on “the positive break up video of mj harris and corey slauson”

  1. Corey is just trying to stop himself from getting backlash….I feel for that dude, it seem like real tears. You can tell MJ loved him more than Corey Loved him but sometimes you have to love yourself more.

    I hope MJ can find someone who appreciate him and only desire him.

    Fuck Corey….Hobosexual and full time hoe.

    1. That doesn’t seem fair. How you know that mj loved Corey more….because he is crying? People express emotions in different ways.

      At the end of the day neither one of them was willing to compromise on what they wanted. And that’s okay. They both deserve to be with someone that wants the same things they want.

      1. How do I know?….the nigga expressed having sexual relations with other people outside their relationship. When you love someone, only that person is truly enough for you. Its way too many diseases out here to be poly centric in committed relationships. This to me was a situationship…Corey needed a cozy house and warm bussy to come to a night.

    2. I SAW that “hobosexual” and “opportunist” from the very first video. Corey is an “actor” who is trying to get rich and famous off of others hard work. He is used to “getting what he wants” with his looks. He is a danger to himself and others.—

  2. “This is a sad day because (pause… lover exits room with packing box)… Corey is moving out.”

    GTFO with this melodramatic script…. CTFU. I am sure they were in a relationship and fuckin…. but MJ milking this like old McDonald… mooooo bitch. LOL

    Corey moving to his side piece place. If he shows up in MJ gram talking bout… “we worked it out”… I’m calling Iyanla to setup and intervention.

    1. @BlackPegasus was right for being the first to call them out on their bs in the first post.

      1. @NewBeginnings

        I fell out when I saw your comment. I typically come around late to these postings and my comments rarely get attention. Thanks for noticing that lol…😝

  3. this some weak shit i’m sorry, not really.

    mj crying on camera like a foo with that sad ass music and corey packing up his things in the back is just fucking embarrassing.

  4. Stunt Queens!!!! I can still seem them fucking bts. Either way, its no blood loss on Corey in. Those who ain’t know about him, know his name and videos now so he left with a gain….more Attention

  5. and no jamari what took me out is when he childishly stomped his feet. taps mic 🗣️🎤 GIVE IT UP MJ!!!

    1. Really! Imagine James Baldwin alive today, doing this with his platform, when we need hope and wisdom.

    1. The way he talks reminds me of a sweet grandmother. But I started to look at his video topics and wonder why if he had so much advice to give on love, why he was single? And for this to be the BEST that he could do? How dare he even introduce this man and tarnish his brand!

      This could have been “Interview With a Former Pornstar – Don’t Judge”, but no he had to do this ridiculous publicity stunt.

      Reading that he’s prone to stunts is sad, but everyone has their vice to validate themselves.

  6. I couldn’t get through the clip because I was getting secondhand embarrassment. I’m really not sure what to make of the authenticity of this. It could all be an act for attention, but it could also be a real breakup that they feel some need to broadcast to the world. I’m either case, the need for clout is pitiful.

  7. Yooooo I am dying laughing at this! I figured from the jump something wasn’t right! But the fact that they were so pressed after the blow up on social media to release the follow up. Like are you serious? His eyes looked like he put spit on them to make them look like tears! Lol and how convenient that as he’s talking Corey is carrying a big box out. Yo The Timing, performance and the emotion, OSCAR WORTHY! 😂🤣 I’m legit serious I’m here for this scripted drama it’s too entertaining! Lol

  8. Can we call Mona Scott-Young?
    These two are trying to be on love n hip hop…The we don’t care edition 😂
    Milan Christopher and his “Boyfriend” was more convincing then these two…NEXT!✌

  9. There must be drama! It was staged well too, almost like a scene out of one of those series that Anthony Bawn writes and directs. The only thing missing was the simulated sex. Like the most popular TV shows MJ has gotten people talking, even if they’re upset, laughing, over it, etc. That’s how you generate attention. Two snaps and a half snap for the impeccable timing, expressions and music. BTW, is it really safe for Corey to be moving out like that during this Covid19 pandemic? Maybe MJ might change his mind and get people worked up a bit more. Drama!

  10. Really smh…People are gonna ask what’s going on with him…Gurl go sit down.
    These two old tired queens need to get out the house…quarantine really have these gays thinking they are so important.


    I will NEVER understand generation Y……WHO THE FUCK CARES about who you sleeping with? Why do some people INSIST that their lives are interesting to other people? Why do some people consume this shit? WTF is wrong with some people??

    Just looking at them you wonder WHO IS ZOOMING WHO??? Corey wants DICK so he has to go find DICK and leave his little bottom home to fend for himself…DWL

  12. I am so over this Story.
    Low key I don’t think the open relationship would be the only thing to destroy their relationship. They have too very different energies. Corey seems very laid back chill, soft spoken. Mj seems the opposite. Very emotional, has to talk about any and every feeling when he is feeling it.

    Opposites may attract but they don’t always last.

  13. This looked about as real & sincere as Donald Trump when he talks about this Pandemic. This is all a farce and y’all are falling for it lol.

    But as for Open Relationships, if y’all are not on the same page, it won’t work no matter how much one compromises. This is something that should be talked about & discussed before becoming an item. If this happens to be real, then people watching should learn from this. Don’t be unequally yoked.

  14. Is it me or was Corey looking at MJ like he was bout to fuck as soon as the camera stopped. That gaze was kinda hot

  15. OMG this $hit is cringe worthy times 10 @ Dark Phoenix you summed it up best when you said Second Hand Embarrassment. I felt the exact same way. I have never heard of these people before their entry on the Foxhole and after witnessing this Bullshit I hope to never hear from them ever again in life. We are truly living in the last days where the need for attention is so great for so many in our population that it just gets on your damn nerves after a while. I could only look at a few seconds of this. #fixitjesus

  16. I saw the first few seconds when he said he moving out, I turned. The fuck I’m recording you getting out. Better be lucky I don’t Angela Basset yo ass and go Bernadine on yo shit! “Guess what John, your the mothafucking improper influence!” “Get yo shit, get yo shit, and GET OUT!” I could care less how anybody on social media see me.

  17. Insert Tami Roman gif here *

    See, I done told y’all these hoes was playing us 😝! And did you notice how impeccable the makeup and lighting was during the filming. Not a blemish in sight hunny. Anyhoo, these comments got my unemployed azz rolling on the floor.

    sips strawberry Fanta * 🥤

  18. Corey is super cute. When I normally peak back on this blog from time to time, I can expect to find something that makes me raise an eyebrow on the first page.

    I always read about people I’ve never heard of in these posts (which is a good thing sometimes….)

    Looks to me like they are just bored or whatever.

    If I was booting my boyfriend out, I would not broadcasts it anyways.

    The acting is quite atrocious but I still think they look cute together. Both of them are cute in their own ways. I bet they have great sex and probably did it after the video.

  19. Why does every aspect of your life have to be publicized? This was like a scene from a play or a movie and they are both too old for the antics. The most confusing part was that they were only dating, but Corey was moving out. You moved a man into your house without being in a committed relationship? That is nonsense.

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