you can’t handle fame so shut down your ig please

imagine people putting you under the microscope for your philandering husband.
everyone thinks you are stupid for not leaving him.
imagine everything thinking you faked your first pregnancy.
they have videos in slow motion of your belly in a sun dress.
imagine having people cheering you on,
but secretly hoping that you will fall off your throne to be replaced by lessers.

you couldn’t handle half the slander beyonce gets.

imagine being abused and everyone saying you provoked your ex into doing it.
imagine watching everyone choose and support you ex,
while everyone is slandering you for just being there.
imagine gaining a little weight and that being the subject of conversation.

you couldn’t handle half the slander rihanna gets.

imagine being a celebrity and you aren’t making hits anymore.
your movies are tanking or your songs don’t chart.
everywhere you turn,
someone is becoming more successful than you.
people you thought were in your corner and suckin’ the life out of the next big thing.
everything you do brings you bad press.
do you cuss everyone out,
hide under the bed,
or strategize your next game plan?

you couldn’t handle half the slander of being the star.

oh no,
but you’re getting upset because gays are in your comments on ig.
the same gays who are supporting your basic ass.
listen pineapple

you know how i can tell when someone isn’t cut out for fame?

By the way they act when the story about them isn’t positive

when the narrative changes and there isn’t any dick suckin’ involved.
people want the applause and the admiration,
and a ton of dick suckin’,
but can’t handle the criticism that comes with fame.
which makes me wonder why do we even hype some of these folks up?
off of pecs and some abs?
trevante rhodes has pecs and abs and is moving differently than some of these folks.

Do you think Nicki Minaj has the luxury of avoiding the “nappy headed hoes” in her comments?

those “nappy headed hoes” are cash cows or listening ears to stream her songs.
if she spent her entire life blocking and cussing out folks who don’t like it,
she would have 50% of her following base cut.
you gotta take the good with the bad.
it’s also about changing the narrative of the bad and making it good.

once you’re put into the spotlight,
everything your family and friends love about doesn’t exist anymore.

You’re gonna be picked apart for the flaws you didn’t realize you had,
the talent you thought you were so good at,
and the decisions you choose to make on your new journey.

you’ll have a team of people who will tell you what to say and how to say it.
by the time they’re done with you,
you might not know who you are anymore.
do you really think some of these “divas” like gay males?
but they have to play nice because gay males are their biggest fan base.
this goes to show that not everyone is meant to be the big star.
ig fame can come with a lot too.

I’ve had males freaking out over posts on the foxhole,
when those same posts got people to know who the fuck you are.

celebs and people “in the know” read my blog.
it’s not like the stories were lies either.
99% of the entries are from their own social medias and scandals.
if you can’t even handle a blog post,
you damn sure can’t handle when the white media is gonna try to ruin you.
i made a 3 tip pr master class for anyone who is trying to chase fame:

fame is a drug that isn’t for everyone.
many are allergic to the side effects of it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “you can’t handle fame so shut down your ig please”

  1. Big facts… I have to listen to the podcast when I get home. I’m out running errands but I agree

  2. A wise man once said Gossip is the tax for Fame. If you can’t handle the gossip you ain’t ready for the fame

  3. Very good advice. I remember back about 5 or more years ago I use to feel bad for Str8 dudes who were on IG and had to deal with all the disrespectful comments that gay dudes would leave on their page. I would cringe thinking why are gay dudes so thirsty knowing I would never do that and then it hit me, just because I dont do a certain thing that same Str8 dude would still not stand up for me 99percent of the time because of my sexuality so I just said you know what if you put yourself out there then you get what you get. These attention whores love attention but are so fragile anytime a male makes a comment on their page. Sadly many of the Black muscle attention dude on IG start out like this and then look like damn fools when you look up in this tough economy and they are starting Onlyfans pages to pay their bills and needing them same gay dudes they talk $hit about support. I have seen it so many times. It is always so funny how they get mad at gay dudes one minute and the next minute they are busting it wide open years later for those same gay dudes. These IG dudes get gassed up easily by likes and follows but seriously you can count on one hand no matter how good they look and how fine they are who have any actual star quality. Foxhole favorite and one of my personal favorites Travis Cure has now hit the Semi-C League being on a Tyler Perry show no doubt cast for his good looks and body but if I tell the truth his acting is horrible as most of the pretty boys on Tyler Perry shows, but they all look damn good. Many of these dudes dont realize that you have to be worldly and play the game and that game involves dealing with all types of people and appealing to all types of people. These attentionista think really small and have nasty ass attitudes because they have followers who like everything they post they somehow think this translate into real world fame and riches. Those same followers will not give you a dime and they are on to the next one faster than a junkie chasing their next hit. Most of these pineapples have never heard that all publicity is good publicity. You have a dumb asshole who rode all the way to the Presidency with that attitude soaking up all press no matter how bad or good. Jamari you need to open up an IG finishing school for these pineapples who are ready to take their careers to the next level LoL

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