Another Black Guy Killed By The Police (GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)

tumblr_mc97f6H1Mu1rs808jo1_500so just after michael brown got killed last week,
another black kid gets killed by the police.
wtf is happening with the world nowadays?
this is what i got off tumblr to explain the following video:

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.10.09 PM very graphic ahead so you have been warned…

tumblr_m1fll94HqK1r9udrko1_r3_500i have no words anymore.
jesus needs to come get us.
everyone please be safe out there.
it takes nothing for your life to be taken in an instant.
i need my foxhole in one piece dammit.

lowkey: did they have to kill him for a fuckin’ soda?

17 thoughts on “Another Black Guy Killed By The Police (GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)

  1. Maybe that was their only option, maybe not.

    All I know is it would be VERY dangerous to give the very people that are sworn to serve and protect the license to kill and NOT ask any questions.

    Especially when we’re not talking about shootouts.

    Police also take self defense courses that teach them weapon retrieval techniques as well as verbal de-escalation techniques.

    Obviously police everywhere are relying on guns way too much. Are they worried about other people in the vicinity when they are firing 6 shots at unarmed men and a dude with a knife?

    I see why some thugs won’t hesitate to put a bullet in a cop now.

  2. If he was armed with a knife, which is a deadly weapon, they were going to shoot him as they were supposed to. Tazers don’t work on everybody, so if he was just walking slowly towards the officers that would make him a threat to them, which would result in him being shot. If they walked up on him to wrestle him to the ground, they would have been taking a chance on getting stabbed because he had a knife. All it takes is one stab wound in the right spot for a person to die. Who is going to take that chance? The cops were right in this time, unlike the Michael Brown situation.

    1. I understand that but why do they go for kill shots. I mean is there just no other way to stop a threat. I thought police were only to use deadly force as a last resort. They could have stopped him with out killing him.

      1. Police are taught to shoot the torso, the biggest part of the body, and it’s the easiest to hit to stop a deadly threat. He was three feet from them with a knife bro. That’s three rulers away, which is pretty close. In target practice in the academy, the torso up is used as a target during practice. There are three uses of force by officers: verbal commands, excessive force, and deadly force. They gave him verbal commands, he didn’t listen, and there was not enough time to use excessive force, and plus you can’t tackle him to get ground when he has a knife. That would endanger the lives of officers. That have to protect their lives to, not to mention the public’s.

  3. I grew up in St. Louis and New Orleans. I know exactly where this is. St. Louis has been racist for ever and the STL PD is just as evil as N.O. PD. I don’t know why this guy did what he did especially in tha lou and especially with what’s going on right now. Black people have to wake up. We need to become a real community once again so that shit like this never happens. It should be clear to every black person that you should not provoke any situation with the police because the will deem it necessary to use deadly force first.

  4. Seriously, what is happening to the moral of society? The police officers are not using eithic nor correct judgement this is why they are issued a tazzer and agun. Reason being is to use deadly force when necessary or only to stop a person. This killing of young African -American males must stop! We are killing each other as is and it has to stop also. GOD is going to send do something soon if you’re not ready you’re going to be caught up this is crazy! Now more unrest and problems to come in another city!!!

    1. 100% Agree.

      1.He NEVER “charged” them, actually seemed to be moving kind of slow.
      2. He was also shot an additional 5-6 times after he’d fallen to the ground.


      At that distance, they could have used tazers, pepper spray, damn metal baton, maybe even crisis negotiation techniques.. but somehow it made more sense to give his family a funeral??

      Deadly force should be used as a last resort, not the 1st form of defense,but that’s the kind of logic certain kinds of cops seem to have when they put on that uniform and it becomes a license to kill.

      We need more cops wearing cameras..

      —-> <—-

  5. Hold up, it turns out he was brandishing a knife. This is difficult to call, yet still they could have shot him in the knee cap. Damn, poor dude should have never committed the crime.

    1. I didn’t watch the video, nor will I. I can tell you this tho. When police shoot, they are supposed to shoot to kill, so shooting a person in the kneecap as a tactic to control them is not an option. They are supposed to aim for the upper body, mainly the torso.

  6. He was armed with a knife and charged the cops. Perhaps if he didn’t charge the cops it would’ve ended differently. Poor guy seemed mentally ill.

  7. I know it wrong to hate, but I can’t help but hate white people now. I don’t want nothing to do with white people ever.

    1. But there’s nothing you can do to avoid this happening to you. If you’re not getting shot by a cop then you’re getting shot by a gun-nut because he thinks you’re up to no good and he wants to play super-hero, or you’re getting shot by a black pineapple because you stepped on his shoes or he thought you were somebody he was beefing with. The cycle of gun violence never ends. The trigger happy gun loving culture is what you should hate.

  8. Wow, really is that necessary!!! What kind of protocol calls for shooting a black men who you have surrounded. They could have wrestle him down but more evasive than Eric Garner. Those pigs! I swear black people are really going to protest. This is not right and I hope the Prez get on this! Lets not forget, lawsuit.

    1. ^i feel you!
      this shit is getting so out of control now.
      im uncomfortable to even walk past them with my headphones on.
      they might shoot my ass because they thought I was ignoring them.

  9. I’m not gonna watch it. I go from being mad to sad and back to mad. Been that way since I first read about Emmet Till when I was 13yo. I’ve seen enough graphic pictures and videos to know that it’ll kill my appetite for life so I try to avoid them now because there’s nothing else I can do.

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