“…and then we wonder why these black menz go out with white womenz”

i’ve come to realize:

There are some people who have never been treated well.

the “all my life i had to fight” types.

They don’t know how to act when someone is being genuinely kind to them.

you try to date them and they’ll treat you like shit.
you try to be friends with them and they’ll treat you like shit.
they’re always on guard,
looking for “ops”,
or will call you corny because you don’t come in the shade “triflin’ af”.


it’s like the gays who try to cape for the attentionistos.

The “let me try to show him kindness so he can like me” types

i use to be that brand of pick me too.
a wolf in the following story tried to take a vixen out on a date.
she curves him as a result because…

she’ll be the same person in a group chat crying cause she is single.
he probably will never treat another vixen to that type of luxury again.

judging from how she sounds/speaks,
she probably would have been satisfied with netflix and chill.

lowkey: if he pulled out a horse and carriage on a first date then eh.
even tho i hate how horses are treated in new yawk,
i would have still entertained it tho.
come to find out he is the heir to a family fortune and looking to settle.

3 thoughts on ““…and then we wonder why these black menz go out with white womenz”

  1. Did she tell him she isn’t fond of animals because that would be the only reason I can see her bailing. You never know how much a person can take when they tell you they are not fond of something. That doesn’t mean get it and force them to do it especially on a date. That’s like somebody wearing the wrong cologne and they go and buy the same bottle in your face after you tell them you not fond of it. That means we won’t be seeing each other again.

  2. These life forms that possess vagina’s are cave women. You can take a fish wife from the loading docks but you can’t force her to wash the stink of fish from her body. I wouldn’t bother!

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