Amiyah Scott and Kellon Deryck Sitting In The #RHOA Tree? ( F-A-K-K-I-N-G?)

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.14.08 PMi wonder if kellon has filmed any sex tapes on that bed?
just asking.

so they are trying to make “this” happen.
amiyah scott and kellon deryck are trying to make this story line happen for #rhoa.
well in a surprise twist,
amiyah posted this for kellon’s birthday

image1 image2 image3.





















i don’t buy it.
i don’t.
it seems like they both are trying to sell their souls to get on this show.
can you really blame them?
it would be great PR for kellon’s hair business.
well she will get exposure and possibly a sponsor.
those of us who have followed kellon know this is some bs,
but i’m:

sleeping-facewake me up when they both get real.

lowkey: one of my f-bi told me amiyah is am alleged she-wolf.
that means she strictly slangs the pipe on her conquests.

which also means that if this is true,
no wonder kellon has this situation going on:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.25.11 PM…and then i’d be over him with the quickness.

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33 thoughts on “Amiyah Scott and Kellon Deryck Sitting In The #RHOA Tree? ( F-A-K-K-I-N-G?)”

  1. To be honest, I really wouldn’t be surprised if they were dating. But I couldn’t imagine her on his back chile. That visual would kill any attraction I have toward Kellon lol.

  2. So was Kellon messing with you know who the fine light skin fitness trainer that I’m not saying his name.(Allegedly)

  3. Um? idk what to say… lol
    He’s losing points from me though 🙁 he was bae, and all I can say now is “um?”

  4. I don’t believe they’re together either (nor do I really care). Their bedroom biz is what it is.

    My main beef is the bottom shaming her (it’s really prevalent here). Just because you like you cakes smashed doesn’t make you less then or secondary.

  5. XemVanAdams did an interview with an ex boyfriend of Amiyah’s last year.The ex was asked if he was Straight or bisexual.He said I am Gay.So Amiyah dates gay men.Reading up on some gossip sites I see people have been saying Kellon and Amiyah were dating months ago.Regarding RHOA he doesn’t have to pretend to date her,he could be the gay best friend/ hairstylist.

  6. My thing is…what is he/she’s talent?!

    I mean I see gay guys and hags worship her, but for what? The excessive makeup and hair?

    They’re not into each other, they just like attention. This pseudo fame that comes with social media is addictive to people. A lot of these gay dudes ya’ll put on pedestals fake a relationship together just to take Instagram pics and get attention.

    1. Ask that same question to the many other people who venture into reality fame.

      Amiyah isn’t much worse than any of these other people.

      But she and Kellon is LGBT so they should be marginalized in to reality realm too…

      1. Look, you can try to make this into some LBGT issue if you want, but the people that worship her and all these other idiots with no discernible talent or receipts are slow in the head.

        Notice I didn’t direct anything towards Kellon because he’s obviously talented at what he does but it’s obvious he craves the spotlight as well. He should be networking trying to make a name for himself in the hair care industry though.

        The only 401k some of these no talent attention whores hope to have is 401k followers on Instagram.

      2. Oh and if she’s hoping to get reality TV fame from the trans angle it’s going to get old quick, ask Bruce Jenner. I have no doubt The Kardashians are about to bring him down now.

        I mean she could reveal who she’s slept with, but that’ll just be reinforcing the stereotype that trannies are fetishes and sexual deviants who can’t keep their mouths closed.

      3. @JAY I find your comments about trans women disrespectful.Using comments like He/She, trannies,calling Caitlyn,Bruce etc .I don’t know your sexual orientation but to me using those terms are comparable to a straight person referring to gay men as fa##ots or a white person calling me a ni##er.Regarding you using the term sexual deviants do you consider gay men sexual deviants as well? Since many people believe heterosexual attraction is the ONLY normal or natural sexual orientation.I don’t agree with those people.

        I can understand not understanding transgender people,my issue is being intentionally disrespectful and or hateful towards them.As of this week at least 18 trans women have been murdered,I believe 13 of them were Black.But nobody cares because they are just” he/she or”trannies”.Obviously all Black Lives don’t matter.

        If Amiyah wants to do a RHOA then treat her just like all the other people on that show.What talent or skills did NeNe or Kim have when they first appeared on the show? None.Yet NeNe has gone on to to do a several shows and now she is on Fashion Police.

        BTW Everyone who signs up for these shows want attention and fame so I say treat the LGBT people the same as everyone else.Looking at their IGs I see many young LGBT people are excited about seeing Amiyah as well as Milan Christopher and Miles on LHH.They may not be perfect role models but at least they are not afraid to identify as LGBT.

  7. If this is true, I’m slick jealous of her right now. Kellon is my secret boo with his cute self and vicious body. Anyway, I wish them well, yet I have to see more to truly believe.

  8. You are definitely right about one thing Jay… they are selling their soul to be on tv because Kellon is in a long term relationship with this guy named KB_officialbiz (on Instagram) & they’ve been together for YEARS & now every sense news about RHOA came about she’s announced him as her Bf… *side eye*

    1. Yup…I’ve been keeping up with Kellon and this was his bf over a year ago…they broke up and got back together months ago.

      Kellon and Amiyah are selling this relationship angle to have a storyline. Bottom line. It’s very obvious and transparent. Like y’all been friends for 10 years but one week after RHOA taping, Amiyah professes her undying love for him? They tried it!

      I’m not mad though. Most of these stories are fake and scripted anyway. I hope they get on that show and own it! Sell it and represent!

    2. Came in here to say this! It’s fake. My inside sources are telling me she’s not getting a peach and she was only “possibly” filming because it was Kenya’s event. Her event was an open invite, so if you guys were in ATL during the time, you could have went to the event and possibly been filmed too. Yes the trans community is advancing, but I don’t think RHOA will be the place for a trans-woman yet. I think Amiyah is just using this to garner attention. She’s such an attention whore, I used to rock with her until I got the real deal. Also, I don’t understand the disdain about “special girls” only being a bottom. A lot of “special girls” I know are usually Tops. lol.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s getting his back blown out by her. People forget looks can be deceiving and not to judge a book by it’s cover.

  10. @ Y Colette: I’m well aware of what I said and how it comes across to people. I’m not afraid to offend people. Apologizing for it wouldn’t be sincere.

    I know people who have said and done worse.

  11. Well Kellon is still getting meals delivered from @lovablefoods where Khaleel or @ kb_officialbiz is a manager. Kellon spent part of of his bday with Amiyah ,his family and his Lil Bro Steven Beck based on his IG pics.
    As many people have said there is nothing real about reality tv but I think it will be interesting to see some different types of characters.

    1. Oh that’s why he always plugging that business. That his bae business so he getting all of that for free. Makes perfect sense now. He be going on and on like that food is the best thing in the world and all of that is just a ploy to plug bae’s business. LMAO! IG is a big ass flea market.

  12. Kellon looked so awkward in the video Amiyah posted on her IG where she was giving him some goodies from Kandi’s sex toy line. It’s so fake and forced.

    When Amiyah was with Micah, she gushed over him and you could see she was head over heels in love with him. When Kellon and KB were open about their relationship last year, they posted pics on IG vacationing and dining out together. You could see how much they were into each other.

    I say all of that to say that it was genuine and obvious. Shit, aside from weave he has installed, Kellon hasn’t posted Amiyah on either one of his IG pages until this week where he’s celebrating his bday with her to advance this relationship plotline.

    It is what it is. Shit is fake as fukk but I’m rooting for them both…get your coins, get your bread, get your 15 minutes of fame. Kenya has faked and so has many others. All these relationships are fake…especially those Love and Hip Hop Atlanta ones.

  13. Actually it’s fake … She may have some feelings for him as friends but Kellon has a sexy ass boyfriend already ,who he’s been seeing for almost 2 years … It’s all for show lol

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