A Pineapple Named Columbus Short

what is wrong with this nigga pineapple,
columbus short?…

Columbus Short celebrated July 4th by getting in trouble with the law for the 4th time in 4 months.

Short was at the Katy Trail Ice House — a popular bar in Dallas — for around 4 hours and was drinking a lot.  An eyewitness says Columbus got up and it looked like he was leaving without paying the tab.  A security guard started talking to him and Columbus started screaming.

We’re told Columbus accused the guard of racism, but the guard fired back, he was also black.  A scuffle between the 2 ensued.

We’re told several off duty Dallas cops — who work at the bar on weekends — broke up the fight but the fired “Scandal” star was still hotter than fish grease.

We’re told Columbus started screaming at the cops and tried attacking them.  As one source at the bar put it, “He was like a dog with a bone who wouldn’t let it go.” 

The cops then did what cops do — they arrested Short, but not for assault … for public intoxication.

Short was taken to jail.

tumblr_inline_mrkf84GLT41qz4rgpi use to think he was so cute.
remember when he was in “stomp the yard”?
his deep voice and when he took off his shirt
i was waiting for him to take over black hollywood.
i saw him as someone who would be the “go to” in romantic black comedies.
i guess i expected alot?
i tend to do that when i see potential in someone.
get it together columbus.
word in the forest is since harrison is gone off scandal,
this actor wolf might allegedly be casted:

ApN0l0NF1fUp61PwffW09ZqEUMWthat being larenz tate.
remember him in “dead presidents” and “menace to society”?
i’m all for that if true.

lowkey: he was good freinds with lee thompson young?
could this be one of the reasons for all this acting out be it?
well besides being full blown crazy.
don’t hit me columbus.

story courtesy: TMZ

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “A Pineapple Named Columbus Short”

  1. I love Lorenz Tate, but that hairline…no sir. LOL. He’d be a good replacement though. So would Tyler Lepley.

  2. Columbus needs help. Something is really wrong with that dude. He really gives zero fucks right now. I heard his character is not being recast on Scandal.

    That boi Larenz Tate tho. Words can’t describe how he makes me feel. I gotta lot, and I do mean a lot of love for Larenz Tate. He is starring in a new series titled Rush premiering on July 17 on USA at 9pm.

      1. The forest was dead wrong! Larenz is starting on a new show on the USA network, but he would be an excellent choice for scandal!!

  3. Columbus needs to get into a program. Don’t know if he has a drinking problem or substance abuse problem, but he needs help. He also needs anger management help. He is slowly destroying what little career he has left…and for most brothas in Hollywood, unlike their white counterparts, they don’t get those opportunities to “re-invent” their career after destroying it.

  4. More and more I am beginning to believe that all the bullshit they say about Black Actors and Actresses that I thought couldnt possibly be true in Hollyweird, may have some ring of truth to it. He is dealing with some serious demons, he reminds me of the Lisa Carson chick who was so hot in the 90’s at the height of her career, she sort of just lost it for whatever reason. I guess you cant be surprised that its so many broken people in this industry being that its so many broken people in the world period and they are just in spotlight and all their “F” ups laid bare for the world to see. I hate to say it but its pretty much a wrap for him, he needs to contact Isiah Washington ASAP and start on a plan if he wants to salvage what little career he has left.

  5. This is really sad. He had the opportunity of a lifetime that most black actors, especially males don’t get; a role on a hit tv show, which is also a platform for greater opportunity. What the whie wolves know is that your personal life is directly related to your income when you take on high profile projects. Plus black actors don’t have the luxury of white privilege. Lindsay Lohan, Shai Leboef, and Robert Downey Jr can destroy their lives and Hollywood will keep giving them chances. Do better Columbus

  6. I’m disappointed in him. For him…it’s a wrap..pun intended. I hope he gets the help he needs ASAP in the interim SMDH!!!

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