He Wants To Murder (Your Bootyhole) Off Grindr

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 1.54.55 PMimagine if ^that unlocked his pictures on jack’d?
what about grindr?
i don’t know about you,
but “ratchet jamari” would have already made up his mind.
“we getting the pipe tonight!”.
and i ain’t had none in a while too?
i’d be looking forward for that to lay on top of me.
well thats the problem with that “look”.
some of them could be jackals in wolf fur aka “the killer”.
well i won’t lie and say i wouldn’t be up for the pipe laying myself,
but after a vix-bi sent me this…


Ali Muhammed Brown, charged with killing two men in Seattle on June 1, is a radical jihadist who targeted his victims using an app popular among gays, law enforcement sources said Tuesday.

Many in the gay community are shaken at news that a killer may have used the popular social media app Grindr to lure Ahmed Said, 27, and Dwone Anderson-Young, 23, to their deaths.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 2.01.59 PM“It’s a shame that any social media network is becoming suspicious and everybody has to be careful and really know who they`re talking to,” said concerned resident Thomas Kennedy.

Investigators believe Brown, 30, used Grindr — an app that enables gay men to use their cellphone’s GPS locator to meet other gays in the area — and met up with Said and Anderson-Young after they left R Place, a popular gay bar on Capitol Hill, on the night of May 31.

Police say Brown, Said and Anderson-Young drove to Anderson-Young’s house in the Leschi neighborhood, where, they say, Brown shot to death the two men and then stole Said’s car. The vehicle was later found abandoned in south Seattle.

In the charging documents, police said they linked Brown to the slayings after finding his fingerprints and three spent 9mm shell casings inside Said’s car.

No motive for the killings was listed in the charging documents.

Detectives say Said was shot multiple times in the face at close range and also in the back, as was Anderson-Young. There was no evidence of a struggle, the victims were not armed, and there`s no evidence it was motivated by robbery, drugs or any other crime.

However, sources tell  Q13 FOX News that Brown underwent jihadist training in California in April and they believe the two men were attacked simply because their sexual orientation offended what police say are Brown’s radical Muslim beliefs.

A nationwide manhunt is now under way for Brown, who is now the prime suspect in an armed robbery at a coffee shop in New Jersey.

With Brown still on the loose, the LGBT community is still worried about safety.

“People taking advantage of the Internet, taking advantage of people’s emotions and lives, it’s not something people should be doing,” Kennedy said.

Brown is 5-foot-9 and 190 pounds, with a bodybuilder look.

pleasant3n-2-webU.S. marshals say he has lived in Burien, Kent and Federal Way.

If you have any information on Brown’s whereabouts, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-tips.

tumblr_inline_n6bdkjOf7W1qh6enn-1“the killer” has no set look.
he doesn’t look like a loser.
he isn’t fat or ugly.
he is like a chameleon.
hell he could be straight.
he knows how to become your fantasy to get you.
the sad part?
you could meet him two or even three times before he ever reveals himself.
by that time,
you’ve already trusted him.
be careful out there foxhole.
i can’t stop you from being on hook up sites,
but know “the killer” is as well.
he is lurking for his next victim.

tumblr_mg1c1oVpwV1rxam8fo1_500 Scream-GIF-horror-movies-24482207-500-250don’t be next.


13 thoughts on “He Wants To Murder (Your Bootyhole) Off Grindr

  1. First off, I’d never meet up with someone that stays close to a popular gay hangout. That screams he’s either probably a hoe or an opportunist.

    These dudes out here playing on gay dudes shallow tendencies. All they have to is post a nice body, dick, ass pic and they have some dude hooked. It’s not even just the masculine, tatted up tops. Go on craigslist and you’ll see tons of posts of dudes blasting bottoms that gave them HIV.

  2. J what you mean he doesn’t look like a loser? that he isn’t fat or ugly? I support your blog but that has to be one of the “simplest” things Ive ever heard you say !! So degenerates are usually fat or ugly? HUH??

    1. ^ricky.
      the average person doesn’t think the fine man could be “the killer”.
      they think the killer has a set look.
      even I myself would never have thought someone attractive would think of hacking me up in a bathtub.
      people associate attractive people with purity.
      they would never think upon meeting that person in the story,
      would they assume he was a killer.
      they would assume he would provide a good dick down.
      especially in the gay world where looks dominate everything.
      youImaybe smart enough to figure this out,
      but the average person probably won’t.
      let’s not act surprised.
      this point can also be referenced to the mug shot seen,
      and masturbated to around the world.

      1. Exactly j, it’s like assume a muscled masculine won’t throw them legs in the air when y’all get home. Lmao. The guy in the pic screams I’m dl but I’m with Islam too. Jamari it’s this guy online he was with the Nation of Islam and stories he’s told will baffle you. It wasn’t just dl but the hypocrisy and straight cheating being allow makes me sad for these men.

  3. I really don’t meet up with guys on hookup sites anymore. When I was insecure I did, but I grew to love myself I deleted my accounts on the hookup sites. Whenever go out with some random stranger I always take a picture of them with their names and phone number then it to my mom on Facebook and her emails just to make sure.

  4. Wow….I really feel sorry for these young men and their families. THIS is part of the reason that we have to let people openly live their lives so they won’t lurk in the shadows to find some pipe/tail. These apps would be virtually useless if gays were accepted as “normal” and could simply live life and find someone like straights have been afforded the opportunity to. SMDH…

    1. ^i like this response,
      but i doubt it.
      men like this would find a way to kill.
      they could do it on twitter and instagram out in the open.
      hell someone could kill you at a gay spot.
      the issue is people see something like that and are ready to let them in their homes.
      we trust the good looking masculine guy…
      open or d.l.
      “crazy” has no look or role.
      out or in,
      there are some crazy people in this world.

  5. Well damn. You can’t trust anyone nowadays.

    I don’t go to clubs, and I damn sure ain’t on hookup sites, but to the ones who partake in that shit, be careful.

    1. ^no one.
      people are killing you because you won in a damn video game.
      how many stories have we heard where someone just flipped for no reason?
      especially straight men,
      are starting to see gays are thirsty.
      so “the killer” is now assuming that role.

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