Josh Gordon Shows How Fast He Can Go To Jail

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 5.45.55 PMi love holiday weekends.
thats when baller wolves of all kinds fuck up.
the latest baller wolf to fuck up is browns wide receiver,
josh gordon.
what did josh do this fine holiday weekend?


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is already facing a potential one-year suspension from the NFL and that could get worse after his latest transgression. Gordon was arrested early Saturday morning in Raleigh, North Carolina and charged with driving while impaired.

Raleigh police captain Tommy Klein told that Gordon was “appreciably impaired.”Gordon was pulled over just before 3 a.m. after an officer clocked him going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. Gordon was released about three hours later after posting a $500 bond,according to in Raleigh.

It’s not clear yet what substance Gordon was allegedly ‘impaired’ by, but he didn’t get hit with any drug possession charges, according to“We are aware of the matter and are disappointed to learn of this situation,” Browns general manager Ray Farmer said in a statement. “We will comment further at the appropriate time.”There are already concerns in Cleveland that a one-year suspension could mean the end of Gordon’s career and his latest arrest isn’t going to help.The Browns should know by late July what kind of suspension Gordon will be facing in 2014 and if it’s a one-year ban, things could get ugly. A one-year suspension would mean Gordon has to stay away from the team’s facilities all season and that’s where the concern comes in.


Sources close to Gordon have told they’re concerned that if he’s away from the team for a year and away from his support system, that he’ll have a tough time making it back into the NFL. The sources point to Jaguars receiverJustin Blackmon, the former first-round pick, who was suspended indefinitely in November of 2013 for violating the substance abuse policy and isn’t expected to be re-instated in 2014.

Gordon received a speeding ticket in Ohio in May for going 74 mph in a 60 mph zone. During the stop, officers found pot in Gordon’s Mercedes and one of the passengers in Gordon’s car ended up being cited for possession of marijuana. Gordon pleaded not guilty to his speeding ticket in that case.

no001damn shame.
i hear he is talented too.
judging from his instagram,
it looks like he has a lot of fun as well.
not to mention the “ain’t shit” pineapples around him too.
well let it all go to waste.
que my favorite quote on “devil wears prada”:

“I can get another girl to take your job in five minutes…
one who really wants it.” – nigel

then gonna be on tv with the “kim kardashian” tears begging for another chance:

Kim-14welllllllllllllll josh guess what?
we won’t be here for it.
do you know there is a cub right now,
somewhere in the hood,
training and envisioning to replace “wasted talent”?
his father has him on some field running drills.
no bbqs or pussy for him this weekend.
he is focused on being the next big thing.
cut it out josh.

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article courtesy: cbs sports

7 thoughts on “Josh Gordon Shows How Fast He Can Go To Jail

  1. I would usually say typical “Pineapple” shit, but I got to remember that these dudes are young, dumb and full of cum and never see the big picture until they are 30, broke and washed up. He thinks he is invincible and just making dumb choices and not seeing the potential of lost millions. I hope that he is able to be reinstated, no need to be too harsh, most of us have done dumb shit at some point in our life, he is no different from any other young person out here trying to find his way. This is just a learning experience and life will go on, one way or another. I hope some older cats in the game will talk to this brother and take him under their wings and mentor him.

    1. They’ve been enabled for so long that I think it comes to a shock to them when they are held responsible for their actions. Still I don’t think driving under the influence is the most serious of transgression. Any one of us could catch that charge after drinking 2 glasses of wine at dinner.

      1. Driving under the influence is very serious. If you do it, then you put your life and the lives of others at risk. I would hope that none of us are so impaired in judgment that we do it. I think that the book should be thrown at people who drive drunk.

  2. Some guys have a talent for fucking up. He seems to be talented in that area.

  3. I was nervous to read this because I already knew he was facing a year long suspension. Why can’t he get it together? Damn Josh. This dude is a beast on the field, and he has a bright future. I guess he does not want it, He ain’t playing this year for sure now. SMH.

    The Browns had potential this year, but without him, that potential is gone.

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