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Loved it?
Hated it?

My favorite moment besides the Whitney Houston tribute and Bey/Jay/Ye was…

How uncomfortable and awkward poor Kim was.
Ya’ll peep when she tried to touch Jay-Z’s arm and he walked past her with no acknowledgment?

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25 thoughts on “2012 BET AWARDS: THOUGHTS?”

  1. Jay actually touched her arm. I guess he felt “obligated” since he knew the camera would be on him at that time. She really did look out of place, but hey, she’s Ye’s girl, and he invited her. It’s funny to talk/laugh about, but I have no qualms about the two since she doesn’t have to meet my family.

      1. Hell NO! Do you really believe that BET, or any of the Big 3 (B, Jay, and Ye) would sign release papers for that show? lol She may mention that she was there, but that’s about it.

  2. Oh, and about the show…I did not start watching until Faith was in the middle of singing. The Whitney tribute was the only thing that I wanted to see. I must say that out of all of the tributes to her this year, this was the longest and the best. It could have been better, but then again, no one would be able to capture that essence that she had. Maybe I was expecting too much?

    1. ^ I thought it was actually reaaaaalllly good.
      I was truly touched.
      They even brought the ladies of Waiting to Exhale together,
      Which I thought was really nice.

      The show besides that was blah.
      Performances seemed rushed…
      Or was that me?

      1. They probably wanted to ensure that they had time for the full Whitney tribute since it was part of the last half hour. It would not have been a good look for BET if that was rushed or abbreviated.

        1. ^do you think it was better than the Grammys?
          *zips lip*

          on another note,
          did anyone else hear the pain in Cissy’s voice?
          it got me, i won’t lie.
          Soulja Boy made me sad.

  3. It was a good, show…. lol… Kim was lost, a fishn outta water…. But Im enjoying looking at Meagan Goods fine ass husband….

  4. The show was half decent.

    The tribute to The Clark Sisters was awesome!

    Melanie Fiona was on point!

    D’Angelo was treat. Had me head boppin!

    MASE ft Frankie Beverly tribute was awesome (not sure what happen to Frankie’s voice)

    Chante Moore did her thing with the Donna Summer’s tribute

    The Whitney Houston tribute was the best yet! They could have went ALL night with her. Brandy killed it…I don’t I have seen her perform like that in a LONG time.

    Monica was churchin it.

    I most admired Cissy Houston, Gary Houston, Valerie Simpson. To try to pay tribute to someone you love dearly is hard. They did their thing!

    I am glad they didn’t forget the other falling stars..

    Overall the show was cool.

  5. I was glad I got to see so many celebrities, I had forgot about get invited and let us know that they are still around. I missed the first half of the show, so I will save my commentary on that. Glad Frankie and Maze got recognized for their efforts in the business since they are a staple in our community even though they are not recognized in the larger pop world. For me it seems like the shows just get a little flatter each year, the stars a little weaker. Its like this is one award show I probably wouldn’t cry over if they didn’t have it, because I have yet figured out how they pick these winners.

  6. I really loved the show this year. It was a lot classier than what it has been the past couple of years. The performances were great, especially the Whitney Houston tribute.

  7. It seem to be all about Beyonce & Jay, hell Jay might as well buy the network already….I’m like if yall show these same damn people one more time. I guess they had to make up for them not performing, not to mention these awards being pre determine before the show is even put together. The EBT aka Blacks Embarrassing Themselves is a joke, love the Whitney tribute although I would’ve rather it had been perform at a more classy venue with more prestige like the Grammys.

    1. I love Beyonce but I said the SAME thing. Why were they showing Beyonce & Jay Z (Kanye and that other chick) so damn much? I mean I almost thought it was a tribute to them or something.

      They kept showing the same damn people!

      EBT Awards was better but all that damn ratchetness and cussing was a bit much. I understand freedom of speech but do you HAVE to put emphasis on the foul words.

      EBT have been on the shit since Stephen Hill stepped in anyway

      Google ‘Confessions of a BET Producer’ ….That will explain EVERYTHING about EBT of today!

      1. Its tragic…You would’ve thought these industry coons would’ve tone the buffonery down for just 3 whole hours but even that prove to be too much. I had more respect for artist who didn’t show up then those that did. I just can’t except Gospel being sung in a venue that welcomes utter ratchedness.

  8. As a critic of BET, I think they did very well this year. Very, very well. There could have been more performances, but the overall awards show was great. The stage looked amazing. They brought in some heavy hitters and gave shine to those who don’t usually get any.

    The two things I’d like for4 them to do better next year is more performances and greater variety (why are people like Jazmine Sullivan, Fantasia, and Common performing?) and better production (whoever was on the censor button failed all night).

  9. I’m watching the performances now – well at least the ones I want to see – and they’re not bad. Cissy was pitchy, but I probably couldn’t sing period in a tribute to my child. I enjoyed D’Angelo & The Maze tributes.

    My expectations are very VERY low for EBT, so…I heard it wasn’t as ratchet as last year, so progress?

  10. This was actually a good awards show. It wasn’t as uhhhh BETish as it usually is. Kanye coulda left his poodle (Kim) at home tho. And the Whitney tribute was dope…I just wish Brandy woulda sang How Will I Know instead of I Wanna Dance With Somebody

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