Who Would Wrestle Serge Ibaka’s Wild African Congo Snake?


keri hilson got a good one.
i think this was the only win in her entire career.
she managed to bag serge ibaka.


i must have been off my game lol
he is one juicy piece of baller nba wolf meat

do you see his body?
i hope keri is taking care of that.
i’m happy to take that off her hands.
as i’m sure you all are too.

lowkey:i imagine him to have a big congo wild snake in his pants.
am i the only one?
is his english good yet?


  1. Keri is such a attention whore in my opinion. If she’s with him it’s only for attention. Don’t get me wrong Serge is a great guy and he’s fine as hell, but Keri’s career is in the dumpster, and by getting with him she’s trying to make a come back but in a different way. Serge looks like he would be holding a nice piece. He’s so gorgeous, I would hit that ass for sure. From what I’ve seen lately his English has improved.

  2. Considering serge beautiful physical appearance and personality, I think this is true love. She ain’t in it for publicity otherwise she would’ve gotten someone more famous than him and we all know that she won’t have a hard time to do so, given the number of male celebrities that only dream to bang her.

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