zander904 thinks gay people are weird af and got no hands on twitter?

i keep telling ya’ll to get a journal.
get a journal.
i use the “day one” app,
which is free,
on my phone.
if you don’t want to get a journal,
pull up the notes app that comes free your phones.

Twitter should not be the place you say your stupidity.

must have forgotten who his biggest johns.

on his alleged twitter,
he had something to font about the ( x talk shit; get hit ) video.
a foxholer sent me these alleged screen shots in dms…

which lead to alla this:

when i went to confirm if it was him,
i was met with:

imagine not knowing he even had a twitter,
but realizing you were blocked in advanced.

zander is interesting.
he got dragged before for ( x being insensitive ),
but i guess he is fresh outta fucks with some of ya’ll money from his onlyfans.

let’s hope that twitter account is a fake because i hope he isn’t this silly.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “zander904 thinks gay people are weird af and got no hands on twitter?”

  1. If he did block you Jamari… I guess he knows you be talking about them on your blog 🤣
    He probably pass through here on the low🤔

  2. Wait a minute! After that shameful dragging and receipt pulling bestowed upon him last time, he still has time to fix his mouth and come at the gays again?! Chile, he better hope and pray his gay sextape don’t leak.

    1. Well he can’t rap so the only thing left is to run his mouth. He ain’t foolin no one but himself…here’s a personal public service announcement for him—-WE DONT WANT YA SUBPAR ASS!

  3. Let me find out somebody’s beating those yellow pound cakes like a drum while he’s talking crazy out the side of hsi neck.

  4. He looks like something you scroll past till you find something more interesting to look at. Very generic looking dude.

  5. There is an easy solution to shit people like this: block, unfollow all social media, do not support with your coins on ANY platform, ignore them utterly; their narcissistic need for attention/validation and the lack of said attention/validation will make them go back to the pit they crawled out of. Example: George Hill, Jeramie Hollins, etc.

      1. And so did we! No backsliding when it comes to cutting off these digital whores. You act a fool, you get sent to the fool pool to drown. No lifeguards on duty either, bitch.

    1. They won’t lmao.

      If they had done so the last time they wouldn’t even know he was trolling them now lol

    2. Jeramie ain’t hardly go back to nobodies pit. They still paying for him, George just disappeared cause he ain’t wanna get slutty.

      1. Exactly. Jeramie still gets their money while trading and doing MMA and I hear George just does “special requests” on the side.

        The gays have never cancelled any of these dudes no matter what they do and that’s just facts lol

  6. LMFAOOOOO! That GIF has me DONE 💀💀💀💀What is it with Attentionistos coming for the gays though? I really be trying to understand. Half (if not all because I’m personally convinced) of them are moneysexuals and almost every aspect of your credibility comes from your fanbase…which is 95% made up of the people you are mocking. Like what? Can almost guarantee that the vixens are not paying for those onlyfans. Maybe at best a small margin, but compared to the gays that margin is VERY small. Like again…what? See, this is why I be saying stop paying/supporting these attentionistos. Let them go out and get a real job like the rest of us. Fuck that.

    1. EXACTLY, all the attention is making them arrogant. They have a love/hate relationship with the gays. One side of the token they love all the notoriety, and the other side, they hate having a gay following because others will assume that they’re gay which they despise. So to prove they’re not, they go above and beyond and in most cases disrespect and ridicule gay men to validate their masculinity and so called heterosexuality. Stop paying these niggas bills. These dudes are biting the hands that feed them and you still support? I will never understand.

    2. I don’t see why y’all are so confused ..many gays loooooove a homophobe. It gives the homophobe closet cred and reassures the self hating gays that their self hatred is well founded. We gotta stop acting like we lust for the right men in the gay community. Most of the guys we lust for are bad for us and we seek the trauma out.

      1. Come thru with the message! and the poor things will continue to lining the pockets of their abusers. I will never give any of these “content creators” my coin. But these guys love it 🤣🤣

  7. He had a lil boosie moment, redundantly inserting his commentary about gays, when he could’ve just easily kept scrolling. It screams self loathing closet case. Gays weird af, but not the white guy calling them aids infested fags? I partly blame y’all for augmenting these dudes heads making them feel larger than life, just to make a mockery out of you. How many insta thots been featured on here ridiculing gays, yet they still get lusted over.

    (Sidenote) You guys ever notice that it’s mostly the lighter skinned blacks, that act more aggressive and intolerable towards gays and in general. They seem to have a complex, because light skinned men are perceived as soft-weak. So they over compensate by being unnecessarily overly masculine and aggressive. Just a observation.

    1. 🛑🛑🛑 Pure Colorism.. Why we still trying to divide like this. You better listen to most darker hue rappers babe before you spit this frfr. If you think mostly light skinned blacks spit intolerance of gays I feel sorry for ya 🤣🤣

  8. IMO the most ignorant ish a person can do other that spill blatant stupidity from their mouths, is posting pics with cash. It is sooooooo so so tacky.

    1. RIGHT LMAO! Gays give these nobodies too much attention. I don’t even care to know the backstory on this guy, I’m just confused as to why he is even a topic!

      I’ve just said “WHO?” louder than Wendy Williams when she was asked about Charlamagne’s existence a few years ago!

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