did greg ym allegedly get some leaked pipe leakage?

greg ym is not having a great 2020.
first he opened his mouth and removed all doubt.
( x see that here )
now he allegedly got caught up with his pipe in his hands.
a foxholer sent this to me in dms:

well these are the alleged screen shots

x see uncensored picture here

first off…
if that is greg,
some random white old male asks you for a jack off vid,
you send it,
and he randomly exposes the screen shots?
doesn’t that strike folks as odd?
did this old white male get angry at greg and blasted him?
do old white males even know how to use social media all like that?

if that is greg…
why was greg so trusting to send that shit out like that?
when you are a wanted wolf,
everyone is going to try to get you in a compromising position.
he might need to find discreet older white males.

i know we are all struggling at the moment.
some of us don’t have jobs.
many of the ways the attentionistos/nistas use to make money is strained.
the rona took all our wigs and scalps.
if you’re gonna be out there doing the “selling jack off vids” bag,
ima need folks to screen properly.
if not…

Open up an Onlyfans and be done with it.

you’d bet a bigger bag doing that.
greg should be too seasoned in the game to allegedly get caught up like this.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “did greg ym allegedly get some leaked pipe leakage?”

  1. LMFAOOOOOOO. Love it 😄 See this, this right here. Made my morning chile! That is definitely him, tattoos and all. Hmmm maybe that “advice” he gave about “blacks putting themselves in compromising positions” should’ve instead been about attentionistos putting themselves in compromising positions. Would you look at that. Such a clown.

  2. And just like that it’s over before it started. Fade to bla—oh wait, can’t even say that…I guess it’s fade to whatever color he thinks he is…in any case “Bye Felicia!”

  3. Tragic, but when you out here as a clearly visible AfroLatinx, claiming not to be Black and yet trying to read and drag Black people while we are fighting for our lives, then you decide to send pix to some old Yt random, particularly at this moment in time, the karma outlook is not going to be good at all.

    I guess Adios, Felicia, is appropriate under the circumstances.

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