You’re Nasty To (Mi)

 tumblr_nnl7wfAIjw1utgmb9o1_400mi is a fuckin’ dumb ass.
i said it.
you know she put a whole bunch of empty shit back in my cupboards?
an empty box of ramen noodles
damn near all of my seasonings and spices

Let-start-Blair-perfected-trademark-her-eye-rollshe also didn’t wash anything she used.
i go to make some soup and the pot was dirty.
i go look at all the other pots and pans and they were filthy.


i’m just fascinated at the level of “slob” she was.
while she was living here,
we lowkey started having roaches.
i’ll be perfectly honest with the foxhole.
i never had them when i was here alone.
i haven’t seen one since she left and i did that mega cleaning.
i feel i don’t ever want to speak to her again.
when i tell ya’ll i’m so GLAD she is gone???
i slept so good last night and woke up feeling refreshed.

of course,
she left some of her shit in my crib.

some coats
a few bags
a box full of her personal items

i wonder if she is expecting me to mail them to wherever she is?


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20 thoughts on “You’re Nasty To (Mi)

    1. Yes. Make sure to leave your cabinets open, pull the fridge back a ways from the wall, etc.
      Let that shyt get into the nooks and crannies. I remember when my parents bought our house and the people that lived their previously were nasty as hell. I’d never seen so many roaches in my life. I was scared to go in that place. My mom set off about two bombs twice on each of the floors (second floor, main floor, basement) before she would move in that bad boy. She used them a week apart. Never saw another roach again after that.

  1. What in the entire Fukk kind of shit is this. Damn just when you think this trifling heiffa could not be any worse. This is just a new low on the fuckery meter. Sad that this is supposed to be your damn family. Wow, I am at a loss for words, she will need you more sooner than later but I hope you let her ass know quick fast an in a hurry that the bridge is not only burned but blown up.

  2. PLEASE don’t ever live with you again. She’s just gross.
    I’m really happy that you have your place to yourself again. Time to move forward.

  3. You and Aunt Terry, and Diamond had to learn the hard way.

    Can’t be letting Cousin Faith/Ebony come live with you. She’ll fuck your husband, not wash no dishes, and leave roaches.

  4. On a related note, I DETEST a nasty, slovenly female!

    I feel like if you’re a female with a nasty house, kitchen, bathroom, you probably have sloppy personal hygiene as well.

    Like spraying febreeze on smelly leggings or not shaving/trimming/waxing your vagina, or having horrible pH levels that lead to smells.

    Don’t get me wrong I hate bad hygiene and messy habits with men too, but usually they’re that way because mothers take care of all the cleaning growing up. Not mine, but other mothers.

    1. ^mi is selfish.
      she will make sure she is good,
      but doesn’t care about anything else.
      she will leave shit around,
      dishes in the sink,
      not clean nothing,
      but has to make sure her weave is fly and everything else for her is okay.
      im starting to think she is a narcissistic sociopath.

  5. “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” In this case, it’s you enjoying the serenity (and cleanliness) of having YOUR place to yourself and living how you truly want to live. This is just one more reminder of why. So clean, remove all traces of whatever doesn’t make Jamari feel right at home how he wants it. Then kick back and bask in having your place back to yourself.

    1. ^aj…
      im so happy.
      my crib feels/looks so much better.
      i can’t explain what’s happening,
      but things shifted once she walked out that door.
      after i prayed,
      and cleaned is when things felt better in here.

  6. Get them out of your home. Objects hold energy. She should have taken them if she wanted them. Give them to good will. Not your issue anymore. Also close all the windows and doors except one that leads to the outside and burn sage. Let all that negative energy go out that window. Trust me!

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