“Your great crush is now an escort in Miami.”

 i got a foxmail last night saying:

“Your great crush is now an escort in Miami.”

there was a link for my review as well.
ya’ll know i’ve talked about many a wolf on the foxhole.
this is who it was about…

jeramie hollins.
foxhole wolf favorite.
this was what i saw on a4a:


when i saw it,
i didn’t believe it.
someone of jeramie’s status wouldn’t make a rookie escorting page.
that whole set up screamed “catfish” to me.
i can sniff out nonsense.

one of the things i like to do is get a confirm.
if anyone truly knows me,
i’m very upfront when i want to know something.
in this blogging world of gossip,
if i know them,
i’m going to the source.
so guess what i did?
i asked him.

unlike the rest,
jeramie actually hit me up to thank me for his entries.
so that line of communication is open.
he is straight and i keep a healthy distance.
he gave me full permission to post his response for the foxhole:

fake news.
if anyone wants to handle their scandals,
you know where to find me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on ““Your great crush is now an escort in Miami.””

  1. No one could afford him if he did? Small potatoes? I got more questions. ..so what do you do ? Lots of time to post . Lol.. just kidding. At least he seems down to earth and humble

    1. @Tony…he says he goes to school full-time and works in IT.
      There are people who can afford him. I think the underlying message that is subtly being conveyed is…don’t bother with his time if you can’t produce some serious cash. Lol

  2. Well, he cleared this up quickly and I do not blame him.So many people are using other people’s pics, so if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

  3. He didn’t lie.. The men who “pay” on those apps are cheap as hell LOL… I know from experience with the offers I used to get on there. I’d just laugh

  4. I could see him doing it for a discreet site like he said, one that caters to folks with money, but nothing like Adam4Adam, Jackd, Grindr, etc.
    For all we know it’s a possibility that he does that already. Like entertainers and politicians are always told to do…deny everything. LOL
    But I lost interest in him once he showed the goods.

  5. Aye, I don’t know if I believe him. I didn’t think Blake Sciortino would be on RentMen but apparently he was. And I’m not saying A4A is the end all be all but if you’re a social media famous guys and you want to make a quick buck, would you have the resources to go on an elite escorting site? Probably not or Blake would have done so. This is all smoke and mirrors. As someone already said, he is basically saying “if the money is right, I’ll think about it” or that’s what I took from the “no one could afford me.” The fact that he has a wife and kid sort of detracts from his appeal to me. I’m not sure he really is in IT either. If he is, I’m sure he’s not using his real name. All an employer has to do is google him and his dick photos pop up. Kinda hard to see any employer being okay with that. But that could just be my own bias. My social media profiles are rather boring.

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