is blocked by Verizon. Please pay 49.99 to read the content.

“what does this mean???”
“what are you talking about?”
“i thought that was a joke?”
“what do you mean the internet will be no more?”

all answers from folks i know personally.
it was surprising to me that no one knew about it.
i knew tho.
net neutrality.
i already did my investigating a week ago.

black twitter and foxholers were buzzing bout it,
but like a fox,
i stayed camped out in the chicken coop until it was a time.
some weren’t paying attention.
something i realized tho…

the government sucks

that isn’t a big revelation,
but i understand how they work,
especially with this current administration.
remember when i was unemployed a few years ago?
if you are a legendary foxholer,
you know about that one.
the one where i was on an extended unemployment?
obama was in office and he was fighting to give us another year.
by that time,
i was almost done and really needed that extension.
i was lurking on job websites,
watching folks begging and pleading.
the republicans blocked it and many of us were left in the cold.
even though many were writing their congressman and senators,
nothing made that come to pass.
that’s how i felt about this net neutrality vote.

the fuck ass republicans gon’ do what they want

it doesn’t matter how much we,
the public,
are against something.
those hyenas and jackals are all about money.
if it doesn’t fit their agenda,
then “bye bye”.
this is why net neutrality went “bye bye” this afternoon.
it will have to go to court,
and many states are ( x trying to sue the fuck out the fcc ),
but i almost feel like it’s a waste of time calling and begging.
until it hits pockets,
and damn near destroys the united states,
they won’t budge.
things are already planned out for us.

hold on and stay tuned.

and ya’ll better get your free porn/enjoy hook up apps now.
all that may end.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “ is blocked by Verizon. Please pay 49.99 to read the content.”

  1. I can imagine somebody working in their parents garage or basement to come up with an answer to a new system that does not rely on the internet. At&T, Verizon, and Comcast better be worried, because someone or a group of individuals may have the next trillion dollar breakthrough coming. I can see Amazon, Netflix, and many more companies coming together to invest in this person or individuals or creating their own universe to put an end to this.

  2. yeah those fuckers in Congress don’t care UNTIL something happens to one of them.
    I don’t wish harm on anyone, but I hope something comes about that hits THEM hard and gives them a wake-up call.
    Are they THAT spiteful to HAPPILY undo everything that the “black man” (that’s how they see him but I’m not calling him the other word that they’re really thinking) did in his term?! I don’t see any of them trying to do anything to help their constituents…AT LEAST those WITHOUT money. SMH

    1. ^the hackers were already talking about lighting their shit up today.
      they about to stay a damn technology war with this repeal.
      they truly are some dumb muthafuckas.

  3. In response to yet more American fuckery, I’ll just say what I recall a Black Woman saying in response to MAGA, “AMERICA AIN’T NEVER BEEN GREAT!” I believe America has been very blah at best. Especially to people of color. My disappointment of America is exhausted. If it ain’t one thing then it’s another. Now our free roaming internet priviledges are revoked. The internet will now be controlled by the corporations that supply internet connections. They will tell us where we can and can not go to based upon how much we are willing to pay them. Seriously? Jamari, Be safe tho. Regular people that work for a living have to start voting in their own interest, and not based upon race, religion etc., to combat shit just like this.

  4. WOW! I´ve been hearing about this vote since at least Oct/Nov, maybe earlier, and I can’t believe that’s how the vote went. Damn you guys. We’re living in some weird times. I hope that gets sorted out soon, because that is bad news for many people. I think we all might need to start getting prepared for the worst. Things have gotten ugly.

  5. I could not visualize myself paying to view any site, but this does show how bad the economy really is. I hope it does not happen, but I guess I will be out if it does. I will have to find other sources of entertainment lol.

  6. I was the one talking about this comments section. I’m noticing that if this happen the police is going to be on some purge type shit and we not going to have no evidence.

    One side of me is going to be happy about this cause now we can have some better communications like back in the day but other side of me like WTF ARE WE GOING DO WITHOUT IT.

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